Is Madonna The Queen Of Global Warming?

Madonna’s green credentials have take a brutal bashing after the spiritual singer sparked a backlash for chartering her private jet for just 120 miles at a cost of $14k.

Love her or loathe her, there can be no doubt that the Material Girl has left a massive footprint on popular culture but it’s Madge’s carbon footprint that people are now concerned with, as she’s set to become the Queen of global warming as opposed to the Queen of pop.

After wrapping up a gig in sunny Birmingham in her usual bombastic style, Madonna was so exhausted by her multiple costume changes that she couldn’t face the two hour and 11 minute drive to her London base, so she did what many a celebrity would do in the face of such adversity and chartered her own private jet.

Madonna’s decision to fly high in the friendly skies and spit toxic fumes into the atmosphere rather than hop on to the nearest horse and cart and shout “giddy up” has enraged environmental activists, who have slammed the surly 57-year-old pop tart for her unnecessary and unwelcome contribution to global warming.

Friends Of The Earth’s David Powell told the Daily Mail, “We want celebrities to turn their back on private planes and choose more sustainable forms of travel.”

Although deeply sensitive and in harmony with the workings of mother earth, Madonna appears to indulge in every opportunity available to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to killing the planet.

Madonna And Global Warming

On her Rebel Heart tour, Madonna appears to insist on traveling by private jet. The Daily Mail reports that the jet seats just 12 people and would have reportedly contributed 2.907 tons of carbon emissions compared to 0.081 for a road vehicle at a cost of $30 petrol.

Now that’s a lot of pollution, Madge! But wait, there’s more to come. In October, reports suggested that one of those 12 seats on Madonna’s big bird was reserved for her religious books.

A source told Radar online “She demands an assigned seat on her jet for the Torah, books of Jewish scripture and other sacred Jewish writings.”

Madonna and global warming

When Madonna frolicked about on the stage like some fickle Dandy at the 2007 Live Earth concert, green campaigners called Madonna’s involvement in the event to help combat the climate crisis, hypocritical, because she was renowned for putting her big foot in it when it came to her carbon footprint.

Madonna’s Confessions tour produced 440 tonnes of CO2 in four months on flights between the countries alone. Madonna has also been criticized for her collection of fuel-guzzling cars, including a Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, Audi A8s, and a Mini Cooper S.

John Buckley, managing director of explained to The Daily Mail that, if celebrities want to endorse the green lifestyle, they’ve got to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

“The average a British person produces is 10 tonnes a year. It’s great for the celebrities to come out and support the cause, but they then have to follow it up in their own lifestyles.

“We should now keep a close eye on whether Madonna and the others makes any changes to their own lifestyle. Perhaps her next world tour will be performed in one venue, but broadcast to billions over the internet.”

But as they say, when it comes to rich celebrities, it is their world, we just live in it.

(Photo by Brenda Chase/Online USA)