Glamping: The New Trend That Combines Camping With Glamour

Outdoor enthusiasts that wish to get the fresh air without the filth are latching on to a new form of camping called glamping, which is simply glamour camping.

Glamping has picked up steam recently as pop-star Justin Bieber talked about the open-air luxuries with We Love Pop Magazine when asked about exploring the outdoors.

“I heard of this thing called Glamping. It’s like glamorous camping. You heard of it? It’s GLAM-ping.” says the Canadian singer.

“You sleep on a bed. It’s a mattress bed! In a huge tent with TV and everything. You have electricity and stuff but you’re still in amongst the wildlife. It’s pretty cool.”

According to the website Canoe Travel, Glamping is perfect for anyone looking to get outdoors but wants to avoid the dirt that comes along with the activity.

“Perfect for discerning travellers or any would-be camper nervous about equipment or the elements, it combines the comforts of modern furniture, electrical lighting and, in some cases, chef-prepared gourmet meals with the simplicity of camping,” says the site.

This new trend is causing some critics to poke fun at the “fake camping”, however most people who participate in the activity don’t seem to mind the criticism that they face, reports Yahoo.

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Do you think that Glamping is a terrible substitution for real camping? Or do you feel that the new trend is a great way for would-be outdoor enthusiasts to by-pass the dust and dirt that comes along with sleeping in a tent on the ground?