Scott Disick Says Justin Bieber Better Stay Away From His Kids

Scott Disick obviously can’t keep Kourtney Kardashian from hooking up with Justin Bieber, but he can try to keep him away from his kids, and that is exactly what Scott has planned. Hollywood Life shared that Scott wants to make sure that Justin knows that his three children with Kourtney are off limits and he better avoid them at all costs. A source says that Scott is actually embarrassed for Kourtney that she is hooking up with Justin and doesn’t want his kids to be involved at all.

An insider is speaking out about what Scott has to say, and Justin better watch himself. The Lord is not someone you want on your bad side.

“Scott is definitely embarrassed that Kourtney is hooking up with Justin. But he feels Kourtney should be even more embarrassed. He can’t control her and if that’s what she wants to do he can’t stop her, but he will be d****d if he is going to let Justin be around his children. He’s told Kourtney and some mutual friends of Justin’s that he needs to keep his distance from his kids. If he crosses that line Scott will come after him.”

Of course, if all that is going on with Kourtney and Justin is sexual and a little fun, then there is no reason for the kids to be around him. If they start to get serious, then Scott Disick might need to worry because Kourtney could want the kids to be around him. It is possible that Scott wouldn’t want any man around his children and this isn’t just because she is dating Justin.


So far Scott and Kourtney are staying quiet on what is going on with their relationship. The two did split before rehab, and rumors were that Kourtney took Scott back, but now it doesn’t look that way at all. Sources are sharing that Kourtney is involved with Justin now, but they are staying quiet on those rumors as well.

In Touch Weekly shared that Scott Disick is still being invited to spend Christmas with the Kardashians. That makes it pretty obvious that Bieber won’t be getting an invite to the holidays this year. Scott will be able to be there with his children and make the day amazing for them. Since Disick lost his parents, the Kardashians are still the main family that he has and it is great that they are willing to include him.

It is still unclear if Scott Disick is going to spend the holidays with the Kardashians, but word is that he will at least see his kids over Christmas. After a short time at rehab, Scott is back home again and hopefully has his act together. Kourtney expects him to be sober if he is going to be around their kids.

Scott will still be partying on New Year’s Eve this year though. He has plans to host a party at 1 Oak in Las Vegas. This is going to be a big party with alcohol all over the place, so Scott will have to do a great job of avoiding temptation, while still having a good time with his fans that show up.


Do you think that Scott Disick is right to want to keep Justin Bieber away from his kids? Do you feel like this is for the best? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E!.

[Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Macy’s]