Josh Duggar Update: Will Josh Get To Come Home For Christmas?

Now that the holidays are here, everyone is curious if Josh Duggar will be coming home for Christmas. Josh has been in rehab for a while now getting help for his sexual addiction. People shared that Josh Duggar has been in rehab since August, and at this time it really doesn’t look like he will be home soon. He is expected to spend about six months there before he gets to be home again with his family. A source close to the Duggar family is sharing that if Josh comes home it would be a shock to everyone.

I don’t think he’s going to be back for Christmas. I would be surprised. There would be a huge elephant in the room.

Right now, Anna Duggar is taking care of their four children without Josh, and they are really missing their dad. They are not used to being away from him at all. Josh loves his children, but getting better is an obvious focus for him right now. The source went on to explain how Josh’s kids are coping.

“It’s so hard when it comes to the kids. They miss their dad. They’re like ‘Where’s daddy?’ They’ve said it before.”

The source did go on to share that Anna Duggar has taken their youngest daughter Meredith to see her dad, though. It sounds like she is the only one of the kids that has been given a chance to see Josh so far. John-David Duggar flew her out there on the family plane and they got to spend three days with Josh. The source shared that Anna Duggar said it was the best three days of her life. They are really working on their marriage.

This week on Jill & Jessa: Counting On, it was revealed that Anna Duggar does not have plans to leave Josh and will continue to work on their marriage. At this time, Anna feels like she made a vow to God and to Joshua and that they should stay together. Anna is living with the Duggar family while she is waiting on Josh to come back home to their family. There is still no word about where Josh and Anna will settle down when he gets back home again.

Radar Online also shared that Josh Duggar will not be coming home for the holidays. Instead, Josh will be spending time in rehab and continuing to work on himself. A Reformers’ Unanimous insider shared that Josh will be very busy while at rehab. This is a busy time of year and they have a lot of activities. While at rehab, Duggar is expected to spend time praying for his sins.

The insider shared that every Friday, Josh and everyone else there is required to attend recovery meetings. Josh Duggar will still have to attend that even though it is Christmas. Josh will get a special meal on Christmas made by the staff. Josh Duggar will be sticking around and doing this for the rest of his time in rehab. If things go as planned, Josh Duggar should end up getting to go home around February. The entire family will have to get used to Josh being around again, but hopefully this will work out for everyone. Josh’s sisters have been around him since the molestation that happened when they were younger, but the news that Josh cheated on Anna is something that shocked them all.

Are you shocked to hear that the Duggar family is not going to bring Josh home in time for the holidays? Do you think that Josh should get to be home with his kids for Christmas? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Jill & Jessa: Counting On when the last episode airs on Sunday night on TLC.

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