Dude Perfect Video: Aaron Rodgers, Chris Paul Nail Trick Shots, Each Net $25K For Charity

A new Dude Perfect video, uploaded to YouTube on December 21, featuring Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and NBA point guard Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers in a head-to-head trick shot competition, has already attracted 2 million views.

The efforts of Rodgers and Paul netted each $25,000 for charities that they represent. The Packers’ quarterback was shooting for the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer and the Clippers’ point guard was playing for CP3 Cares. Earlier in 2015, Aaron Rodger’s efforts on Jeopardy earned the quarterback $50,000 for the MACC Fund, playing against Mark Kelly, the astronaut and businessman Kevin O’Leary, according to ESPN.

Each athlete tweeted with regard to his accomplishment.


Some on social media have asked if the shots in the videos produced by Dude Perfect are real. Or if the athletes fake them. ESPN reports that Paul and Rodgers “presumably got more than one take” with the shots they make in the videos. The producers presumably let the athletes take several attempts, recording each one. Only the completed shots are saved for the final video. How many people could hit a basketball net that is twirling around in a 360-degree circle at all, as Chris Paul does in the video? Or hit the net from the stands?


Earlier this month, Aaron Rodgers completed a 61-yard “hail Mary” pass to Richard Rogers, winning the game for Green Bay against the Lions in Detroit.

“When Dude Perfect teamed up with the two superstars for some trick shots, you already knew the end result was going to be bonkers,” the Sporting News wrote about the video, summing up what seems to be a general consensus of reverence and astonishment among fans.

In the video, both pros start with a shot they call the “easy opener.” Rodgers hits the basketball net with a football from center court and then Paul follows-up his feat with a basketball. They then move to the stands for the “elevated coffin corner,” which is nailed by Paul. Then follows the “trust shot,” where Aaron Rodgers hits a target attached to the top of the Dude Perfect host’s head while he jumps up and down on a Pogo stick. Rodgers appears to hit the target without so much as a scratch to the host. There was much celebration upon the completion of the shot. Other stunts include a full-court bowling shot, a “double chain reaction shot,” the “spin cycle 360,” the “mobile laser shot,” the “exploding trashcan shot,” and the “dime-droppin’ confetti blossom” shot.

Chris Paul has been playing professional basketball since 2005 when he was drafted in the first round, and fourth overall, by the New Orleans Pelicans. He played with the Pelicans until 2011 when he was traded to Los Angeles, where he currently plays. Paul averages 17.0 points and 9.0 assists per game, according to Yahoo Sports. Paul has played in 8 NBA All-Star Games and was named MVP in 2013. The Clippers are currently in second place in the NBA’s Western Pacific Division, according to Yahoo Sports.

Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers can been seen performing incredible trick shots in a new 'Dude Perfect' video. Chris Paul with his son Chris in November 2015. [Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]Aaron Rodgers was also drafted in 2005, and was also a first round pick, by the Green Bay Packers, where he has played his full professional career. As the team’s starting quarterback, Rodgers averages 241.4 yards per game and has 29 touchdowns in 2015, according to Yahoo Sports. He won a Superbowl with team in January 2011, and was named MVP of the game. Rodgers is also a five-time Pro Bowl participant. The Green Bay Packers currently lead the NFL’s NFC North division, with a record of 10 wins and four losses. The Minnesota Vikings trail the Packers in second place with nine wins and five losses, according to Yahoo Sports.

A new video by 'Dude Perfect' featuring Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul has both Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Clippers fans buzzing. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers play against the Dallas Cowboys on December 13, 2015. [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images][Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/Brian Bahr/Getty Images]