‘Married At First Sight’ Couples Still Rocky On Honeymoon: Will They Survive Or End In Divorce?

Married at First Sight is a one-of-a-kind show. The experts match three couples, and they get married in the same moment they meet at the altar. It sounds crazy, but this is the third season for the show. When the show first began airing, people were skeptical about how this would all work. As it turns out, Married at First Sight has become quite the guilty pleasure. With Season 3 just beginning, there is a lot of getting to know the couples happening right now. At this point, things aren’t looking promising for any of the couples. Will they stay married or end up divorced?

The last season of Married at First Sight was a nightmare. All three of the couples ended up divorced, and there was a dangerous situation with one of the couples after filming ended. Fans were wondering how the show could be redeemed, and this season is promising. The pairings seem to be logical, more so than the ones from Season 2 of Married at First Sight. As the couples get to know more about one another, there is a good chance they will fall in love for real.


Neil Bowlus and Sam Role are probably the most controversial and doubted couple on Married at First Sight. According to US Weekly, there is a point where Sam calls Neil a p**sy on the show. There is a lack of respect between the two, and she doesn’t know how to handle Neil not being as dominant as the men she is used to dealing with. The verbal attacks have been frequent between the two, and it is unclear if they will be able to move past everything and remain married. Going into this, Neil was incredibly excited and Sam was nervous right off the bat. If these two can turn it around, things need to change. Married at First Sight isn’t for everyone, but it seemed like this match would have been more compatible than what they are in these moments.

At this point, the couple with the most hope on Married at First Sight seems to be in limbo as well. Vanessa and Tres have been the fan-favorite since the show premiered a few weeks ago. People have been pulling for them on social media, and the tension between them has raised some flags among viewers. Vanessa appears to be doubting Tres’ motives, and it is making her worry over nothing. It seems like they can work through this and have a shot at remaining husband and wife when Married at First Sight ends. There is plenty of potential for this couple and if only one makes it through the six weeks, it would definitely be Vanessa and Tres.


Things between Ashley and David on Married at First Sight are getting better. They are attempting to get to know one another and moving forward. While they look like they are taking things slow, their progress is growing leaps and bounds. This is the couple that was the most compatible of the three, which makes it interesting to see how things will progress. According to Zap2it, Ashley and David have an even shot between making it work and ending up divorced. The odds depend on them completely, and it looks like they want to move forward, even if it is by taking baby steps. Married at First Sight may be just what these two people needed in their lives at this moment.

As the honeymoons come to an end on Married at First Sight, the couples have to move in together in the real world. It appears there are still things to work out with Sam and Neil, which is disappointing with the progress they made on their honeymoon. Things are looking good for Vanessa and Tres as well as Ashley and David. There are just a few more weeks before the Married at First Sight couples have to decide whether or not they want to stay married or get divorced. Who will make it and who will walk away single?

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