‘Chicago Trilogy’ Crossover Spoilers: Voight’s Past, Herrmann’s Fate, And More Teased

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. will all join forces when the three series return with new episodes in January. This will likely be the first of many crossover events between the three episodes.

The crossovers between Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Law & Order SVU have all been popular so far, and those events will likely continue as well. The flirtation between Voight and Olivia Benson was mentioned in new spoilers for the crossover event, so that is likely to continue in the episodes to come.

The Chicago Trilogy crossover will bring the three series together for two reasons. The first reason was revealed at the end of the winter finale for Chicago Fire. Herrmann was stabbed by Cruz’s friend at the bar. Herrmann and the others offered the trouble teen a job, but the teen did not appreciate Herrmann’s teasing sense of humor.

Chicago Fire and Chicago Med will air their parts of the crossover on January 5, and Herrmann will be found in time.

A sneak peek for the episode shared by Spoiler TV shows Dawson by his side as he arrives at the hospital. Photos for the episode do show Herrmann in a hospital bed, so he is likely to survive the stabbing attack.

Herrmann's stabbings unites the Chicago shows.

There is more to the crossover though. According to TV Guide, an attempted suicide victim will raise red flags. A sneak peek for Chicago Med shows the doctors making a shocking discovery about the patient, and there is a connection to Voight’s past.

Christian Post shared Matt Olmstead’s comments about the crossover.

“It does bring all three shows together. The one personal piece of storytelling it unearths is Voight’s back-story with his late wife. We’ve established that she died years prior to when he appeared on ‘Fire,’ but not the circumstances of her death and what Voight has to deal with in terms of dealing with that memory.”

Fans should prepare themselves for a big shocker during the crossover. Olmstead teased that fans will receive a blow during the episode. He also mentioned Lindsay. She was quite close to Voight’s wife, and the information revealed about the suicide victim will have an impact on her as well.

Fans get another look at Voight.

This season of Chicago Fire has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride with all of the issues with Boden at the forefront. The romance of Casey and Dawson has almost been put on the backburner for a bit. Jesse Spencer spoke about the pair and the status of their relationship. According to him, fans have no need to worry about the pair.

“In their hearts and minds, they are already married. They’re together. I don’t see them breaking up. I, as Jesse, would be traumatized if they had to break up at this point. I’m a big [‘Dawsey’] shipper. But the actual marriage is inconsequential.”

An actual marriage would complicate things for the pair. It would force the issue about Dawson working at Firehouse 51. A more official and public status would make it necessary for her to change houses.

Monica Raymund did talk about the status of her engagement ring. She has no idea where it is. Dawson was not wearing it when the crossover was filmed.

The Chicago Trilogy by Dick Wolf has certainly become popular on NBC. The addition of Chicago Med has only solidified the status of the previous two shows. NBC has already renewed Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. for next season, and Chicago Med has been given a full season order.

Are you excited to watch the first Chicago crossover event? The three episodes will air on January 5 and 6 on NBC.

[Photos via NBC]