Dollar Shave Club Alternatives? Similar Delivery Services For Christmas

Consumers are now looking for alternatives to the Dollar Shaving Club this holiday season, especially since the company is facing a lawsuit from Gillette.

On Thursday, December 17, Procter & Gamble filed a patent lawsuit in the district of Delaware against Dollar Shave Club through its subsidiary Gillette Company. The lawsuit asked the U.S. District Court to stop Dollar Shave Club from violating Gillette’s intellectual property by selling razors that infringe one of Gillette’s hundreds of patents. They’re also seeking monetary damages from its competitor.

According to the seven-page lawsuit, Dollar Shave Club infringed on one of the company’s patents, issued back in 2004. The patent has two coatings to strengthen the edge of the blade and protects it from wear and tear. Gillette uses these patented coatings on its Mach 3, Venus, and Fusion products, along with many of its other razors.

What Is the Dollar Shave Club?

The Dollar Shave Club is the marketer and retailer of its original shaving products. It launched in 2012 with a viral video starring CEO Michael Dubin in which he bluntly said, “Our blades are f*****g great.” This controversial company delivers razors and shaving products to your door. To order from Dollar Shave Club, you will have to choose one of their three different blades, each of which comes with a free compatible handle. The blades will arrive each month, so that you will get a fresh blade.

If you want to grow out your beard, or if you don’t shave that much, then you can get your blades delivered every other month instead. You can also change which blades you want or add other grooming products to your monthly package. Dollar Shave Club offers razors for as little as $1 per month, which is desirable for customers who pay hundreds to have a clean shave.

What Is the Gillette Shave Club?

Proctor & Gamble is the largest household and personal products company in the world. One of its subsidiaries, Gillette, also has its own delivery service that launched last year. The Gillette Shave Club either allows you to choose which of the three shave plans you want. Or, you can just sign up for rewards for free products, exclusive content, grooming tips, and tickets to major sporting and entertainment events. The Gillette Shave Club offers free shipping, a money back guarantee, and the option to cancel or change your plan at any given time.

Other Dollar Shave Club Alternatives

According to Adweek, some of the most popular last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers include small-box delivery services such as Dollar Shave Club. But the Gillette Shave Club may be a better option, since they claim that the competitor stole their concept and sells their razors. Another alternative, according to Facebook users is Harry’s, which has the highest satisfaction in all areas and fewer cancellations.

Harry’s received an A+ grade for fast and efficient delivery service, but also because of their razors. Their delivery services range from $3 to $20 per month, which is an affordable option for anyone. Consumers found that while the Dollar Shave Club had better razors for head shaving, both Harry’s and DSC have razors that are ideal for face shaving. They also found that Harry’s razors make body shaving easier and quicker.

The Dollar Shave Club previously hinted that it wanted to steal its market share from their competitor Gillette, but who knew that they would steal their patents, as well. The company has not yet responded to the media to comment on the patent lawsuit.

Other alternatives to the Dollar Shave Club include 800Razors, My Shaving Club, Manpacks, and ShaveMOB. Or, you can just drive to the local drug store and buy the Gillette Fusion Proglide or the Schick Hydro, both of which make great last-minute stocking stuffers.

[Photo Courtesy of Infowire via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]