Collect Toys, Pets In ‘World Of Warcraft’ Now Thanks To The Winter Veil Celebration

With a little over a week remaining of the Feast of Winter Veil event, citizens of Azeroth have plenty of time to pick up all the holiday goodies available in World of Warcraft right now. Players can log in now and complete daily quests for festive currency and a chance at multiple toys, pets, and even the Grumpus mount.

Although the gifts under the capital city trees cannot be opened until December 25, players can enjoy the event now by completing dailies, defeating bosses, or just having a good, old-fashioned snowball fight. In addition to the returning daily quest “You’re a Mean One…,” players at the maximum level of 100 can pick up four new daily quests from their garrison. The quest “You’re a Mean One…” is available in Orgrimmar or Ironforge and sends players to Hillsbrad Foothills, near the Dalaran crater, to defeat the Abominable Greench.

World of Warcraft‘s Abominable Greench is quite the boss requiring a number of players to defeat. Luckily, a group is not required and the boss does not tap to specific faction. Any player aiding in the fight, or even one showing up just after his defeat, will get credit for the completion of the quest so long as they loot one of the bags in front of the cave. Turning in the “You’re a Mean One…” quest rewards the player with a Stolen Present. According to WoWhead, the container can be opened to find a random gift. A number of toys and pets, some of which are even from past Winter Veil events, are potential rewards. Players could loot fancy lounge cushion toys, clockwork robot pets, or even the festive Lumpy pet.

The new quests available to level 100 players are also a source of new holiday gifts as well. These four daily quests will send players to a location in Frostfire Ridge where they will need to defeat Grumpus and several Meacing Grumplings. They will also need to free children and destroy unusual presents to complete the four daily quests. These quests are available from either Almie or Pizzle for Alliance or Horde players respectively and they reward the Merry Supplies currency. This currency can then be spent at Izzy Hollyfizzle for new garrison holiday decorations, for a Crashin’ Thrashin’ Killdozer toy, or for a Savage Gift. The Savage Gift often contains Oil, Garrison Resources, and Apexis Crystals. Occasionally, the gift will contain an item to upgrade a follower’s item level by 50, a Medallion of the Legion, or an Elixir of the Rapid Mind. Very rarely, the gift will contain the Minion of Grumpus, a yeti mount.

Players can also visit World of Warcraft NPC revelers, get themselves turned into Little Helpers, and cook up seasonal favorites during the event. Be sure to check out the overview of the Feast of Winter Veil for more details. A full list of achievements that can be earned during the event are also included on the site.

Of course, the Winter Veil event is the annual event currently happening thanks to the season, but the Bonus Events in World of Warcraft are still underway each week, too. The Draenor dungeon bonus event starts on December 23 and persists for one week. This event gives players that participate in Warlords of Draenor dungeons an extra faction boost. Eight Draenor dungeons will provide bonus faction for players completing them in Heroic or Mythic mode. Additionally, those that are willing to complete four Mythic Draenor dungeons can earn an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest from the “Emissary of War” quest available in the player’s garrison. The chest contains a piece of Hellfire Citadel loot of Heroic level.

The Feast of Winter Veil will end on January 2. Before the revelry ends, be sure to enjoy the fireworks display on December 31. As the Inquisitr reported, the fireworks will go off every hour on the hour on that date to ring in the New Year. If you did not get that Minion of Grumpus or that specific pet you were looking for this year, the Feast of Winter Veil will be back next year.

[Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images]