Joe Giudice Caught Driving Just Hours Before Teresa’s Prison Release

It is finally time for Teresa Giudice to leave prison, but it turns out that her husband Joe Giudice might not be following the law before her release. Joe is not allowed to drive at all, but it turns out he has been spotted driving. All About the Tea shared pictures of Joe and he is obviously driving a truck down the driveway. Back in April, Joe actually plead guilty to using his brother’s identification to get a driver’s license in New Jersey. Joe couldn’t get his own license because of the fact that he had a DUI. Now Joe doesn’t have a drivers license and he can’t drive at all.

Joe Giudice actually asked a judge in Passaic County if he would be able to drive in his driveway and move the cars around. Joe was told that this was not allowed and would get him in trouble. Joe Giudice was actually told that he couldn’t even back down his driveway or he could end up in jail for it. Right now, Joe is in trouble with the law and is doing to be heading to prison in 2016 anyway, but he doesn’t want to do anything to mess it up and make him go sooner.


In the picture, Joe Giudice was seen driving a truck in his driveway, but he was not out on the streets. Of course, there are pictures that are proof that Joe did this, but so far there is no word that he has been caught and is actually going to be in any trouble over it.

Joe Giudice’s wife Teresa is finally getting out of prison tonight and will be back home again with him. Radar Online shared that Giudice’s lawyer is actually at the prison right now with her where they are looking at her release and it will be happening soon. Giudice’s lawyer James Leonard is there with her now and shared what is going on.

“I’m currently in Danbury to take Teresa home to her husband and four daughters. Definitively, Teresa Guidice will be released from DCI Danbury tomorrow, December 23, 2015. She is not in a halfway house, nor will she be reporting to one. She hasn’t been released from prison and that won’t happen until December 23. The balance of her home confinement will be monitored by the Federal Location Monitoring program. Any reports that Teresa is already out of prison, and headed to a halfway house for one night are false and ridiculous.”

There has been a lot of talk about if the cameras will be allowed to catch Joe and Teresa Giudice reuniting or not. The Giudice’s actually don’t want this to be a big media frenzy and don’t want everyone there when it all goes down. Of course, the Giudice family will continue to be on the show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Teresa and Joe’s lawyer also spoke out about the pictures that say that they are Joe Giudice driving.

“One million percent false it’s Joe driving. It would be more believable of Santa Claus was driving.”

It really does look like Joe Giudice behind the wheel, but for now they are going to continue to deny that there is anything to it. Hopefully, Joe will not end up in any trouble over this one. Joe Giudice does have to go to prison and serve his time regardless.


Are you shocked to hear that Joe Giudice could have been driving today when he knows he can’t? Do you think that Teresa Giudice’s release from prison should be filmed? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Steve Mack/Getty Images]