Chad Ochocinco Proposes to “Basketball Wives” Fiancé While Playing ‘Call Of Duty’

Chad Ochocinco has always been known for his unorthodox ways of handling situations, however this particular situation could’ve used a little bit more thought as it was revealed that the NFL star proposed to his fiancé Evelyn Lozada while playing the video game “Call Of Duty.”

Evelyn Lozada, who found her fame on the reality show “Basketball Wives” while she was married to former NBA basketball player Antoine Walker, has come forward with details surrounding her new man. With her old relationship over, Lozada has revealed the details about the Ochocinco proposal and upcoming wedding to EgyptSaidSo.

When asked about the proposal, Lozada said:

“I wish I had a really romantic story to tell you, but it’s not so romantic. A jeweler came to the house, had a few rings, he had my ring in a separate box. I of course chose that one. He had a headset on and he was like, ‘you like it?’ and I was like yep and I put it on and he goes okay cool, and he started playing Call of Duty.”

As odd of a proposal as that is, Lozada admits that her relationship isn’t like others, getting engaged only 7 months after the divorce from her ex-husband. She does say though that she loves her new NFL player and is thankful for the relationship.

“I always say you know when you know and I know that’s so cliché, but I do you know. And we’re not perfect, we have our own issues, but yeah, I was thinking about it in the car. I was like oh my god, I’m getting married,” she said.

According to MSN, the couple is set to be married on July 4th where Ochocinco claims that he will be tweeting throughout the ceremony to give his fans the very first Twitter wedding.

Do you think that the marriage between Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco will last? What do you think of his “Call Of Duty” proposal?