Ann Curry Shuns Matt Lauer During ‘Today Show’ Goodbyes

It’s no secret that Matt Lauer while renegotiating his contract wanted Ann Curry out as his co-anchor and Thursday’s farewell show proved there was no love lost between Curry and Lauer.

Matt was busily saying his obligatory goodbyes to Ann and throughout his prepared good guy speech Ann Curry would not look at him. Compare that to the goodbyes from Al Roker and Natalie Morales, both of whom she looked squarely in the eyes and it’s pretty obvious Curry isn’t happy with Lauer.

Making matters worse as Matt Lauer leaned in to kiss Curry goodbye she wouldn’t turn towards him, making for what might perhaps be one of the most awkward moments in the Today Show’s history.

When Roker and Morales attempted to embrace Ann Curry however they were met with friendly goodbyes.

It’s hard not to side with Curry who was strung along by NBC executives for months while trying to reduce the $20 million they owe to her as part of a three-year contract she signed one-year ago. The network wants to diminish her role to that of “foreign correspondent” for the network.

Replacing Ann Curry will be Savannah Guthrie, hopefully she gets along with King Matt or we could find Hoda Kotb co-hosting the show in a short period of time.

Here’s a video of the awkward exchange between Matt Lauer and Ann Curry:

Are you surprised by Ann Curry’s response to Matt Lauer or was the shunning of her former co-host exactly what Matt Lauer deserved based on his actions?