Netflix During The Holidays

Top Television Shows On Netflix To Binge Watch

UPROXX has created a top 50 list of which television shows to watch on Netflix including Dexter and Gilmore Girls.


Dexter is a big show on Netflix about a man who works as a blood splatter analyst for the homicide section of the Miami Police Department. However, at night he feeds his guilty pleasure by murdering criminals who have gotten away with their crimes. While his personal time mixes with his career, he attempts to keep his two lives separate. This show is best for the adults who are watching Netflix and may be a bit too graphic for the children.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is about a single mom, Lorelei, raising her over-achieving daughter, Rory, who strives to go to Harvard one day. Lorelei could have had the same opportunities as Rory, but struggled with a teen pregnancy instead. Possibly due to their closeness in age, the two are best friends and the show is full of their witty exchanges as they navigate their lives. This show is great for everyone in the family; Netflix did a great job with this decision!

Top Movies To Watch On Netflix

Netflix is largely used to watch television shows and movies. Some of the most watched movies on Netflix are: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Dumbo, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is about cartoon characters that interact with the real world. Roger Rabbit is one of the cartoon characters and is framed for murder. “Dumbo” is a classic Disney movie based on an elephant with extraordinary ears. The movie shows how he is able to make this feature work in his favor through his life. The Nightmare Before Christmas is another Disney movie based on the different holidays and an idea of what might happen if characters from Halloween took over Christmas. All of these movies are kid friendly and Netflix did a great job with these picks.

What Is Netflix

Netflix is an app used to watch movies and television shows. the Netflix app is free and subscriptions start at approximately $8 per month. The Netflix app can be used on televisions, phones, and tablets. The Netflix app can also be downloaded on consoles such as Xbox, Wii, and Play Stations. Netflix is easy to use and is widely available. Occasionally, Netflix will update the list of movies and television shows on the app and some are taken off to make room for newer shows. Netflix also has shows and movies organized by genre, making it simpler for you to find the type of movies or television shows you are looking for. Netflix is family friendly. There is a section in Netflix just for children. Netflix has a search engine and you can find out if a specific movie or television show is on Netflix. Netflix does not, however, censor what they show. The children’s Netflix page is clean, but the rest of Netflix should be monitored if children are watching.

Worst Netflix Movies

Netflix mainly shows the latest movies that have just left the big screen. However, not all of the movies and television shows on Netflix are worth watching. Some of the worst Netflix movies are “The Interview” and “Scary Movie Five”. “The Interview” is about two friends who work as reporters. They are so famous that they are hired by the U.S. Government to sneak into North Korea under the guise of doing a live interview with the country’s dictator. The real reason they are there is to see what the dictator is really doing and find out how he is treating his people. The movie is fairly crude and is supposed to be comedy, but does a poor job at being funny. Many movie theaters would not even show the movie. It is surprising that Netflix has continued to have the movie on the app.”Scary Movie Five” is a joke on the horror genre and some other famous movies such as “The Hunger Games”. The movie makes fun, but has crude jokes and much nudity. None of the “Scary Movie” series was played in movie theaters, and it is surprising that people watch them on Netflix.

Worst Television Shows On Netflix

While Netflix has many family friendly television shows and movies, Netflix also has many adult only shows as well. Some of Netflix’s less appealing television shows are Parks and Recreation and Bob’s Burgers. Parks and Recreation is a television show about adults who work for the city and keep the community areas safe and clean. The show is filmed like a documentary with the characters giving their opinions and stories. Netflix gave into the fans of the show with this choice due to the inappropriate language and dirty jokes. Bob’s Burgers is an adult cartoon about a family man who owns a restaurant. The show has no point or order to it. The show jumps from one point to another and has no story to it. Netflix made a bad decision adding this one to the app.

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