Cara Delevingne Wages War On Paparazzi Following Panty Raid

Cara Delevingne is one of those celebrities who won’t sit silently and ignore a photographer trying to get an upskirt shot of her panties. Cara is as outspoken as Jennifer Lawrence and a select few others, if not more so, which makes it only a little surprising that Delevingne took matters into her own hands. Drawing long-time girlfriend and rumored fiancee into her plot for revenge, Cara set up an unsuspecting group of paparazzi.

The Event That Prompted Cara Delevingne And St. Vincent To Wage War On The Paparazzi

Cara Delevingne, St. Vincent
Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent wage war on paparazzi. Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

A London charity event was the setting for an event that began Cara’s war against the paparazzi. The event, sponsored by Project Wagemakers, was set up to draw support for ocean conservation, but some paparazzi seemingly used it as an excuse to get close up, privacy violating photos of some of the celebrities in attendance.

The morning following the event, Delevingne posted an apology to her Twitter followers, should they come across any photos of her panties taken from an upskirt angle.


As angry as Ms. Delevingne sounds in her message, and as thoughtful as it was for her to post the apology, it seemed that Cara had more in mind. Much more, as readers will discover.

In the past, Ms. Delevingne has not made a secret of her loathing for the paparazzi, and she’s publicly stated that if any offending photographer violates her own personal space, she’s well within her right to physically move them. Perhaps the British paparazzi should have heeded her warning.


It didn’t take long for Cara to plot that revenge.

Cara Delevingne And The Water Gun Assault

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne wants London paparazzi to back off. Image via Anthony Harvey/Getty Images.

The revenge was pulled off without a hitch, and as Cara’s followers can see in the video posted to Ms. Delevingne’s Instagram account, a fair amount of planning went into the plot. From arranging to have the water guns concealed on their persons to arranging to have a third party standing by to film the spectacular incident, Delevingne and St. Vincent must have lured the paparazzi with the skill of trained James Bond double agents.

Can there be anything more entertaining than watching Cara and St. Vincent charge at the paparazzi with water guns blasting?

This isn’t the first time Cara Delevingne has returned fire, so to speak. In October, the model and actress was blocked from trying to enter a restaurant, so she shoved him out of the way. The incident was filmed by other paparazzi, and noticing this, Ms. Delevingne stated that she was tired of being treated no better than a “zoo animal” by the world press. In other interviews, Delevingne has said that the London paparazzi are especially intrusive, hounding her so much that she feels unwelcome in her own hometown city.

“I just find it sad that I can’t live in my own city because for that reason,” Cara wrote in September. “If only I could make you feel the way you make me feel, I just hope that outside of this, you are able to feel empathy for others.”

She added that she would never be silent, or allow the paparazzi get away with the way that they treat celebrities. Some might say that this is the life Ms. Delevingne and others like her chose. Certainly, that’s true to a point, and they can always retire from the limelight as some have done, but even the paparazzi should be held accountable for respecting boundaries. Is nothing sacred? Isn’t trying to stick a camera up a public figure’s skirt crossing a line?

[Featured image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]