Mike Trout Steals A Homerun, Makes Unbelievable Catch

In a scene reminiscent of the 1994 movie “Angels In The Outfield”, rookie center-fielder Mike Trout made an unbelievable leaping catch to steal a home run from the Baltimore Orioles that will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest catches off the season, according to Yahoo.

Sitting out in centerfield during a 1-0 game against the Orioles, Trout knew that when the ball came off the bat of J.J. Hardy that it was heading for the seats, so sprinting over full speed Trout timed his jump perfect and in full-extension made the leaping grab with his body over half-way up the wall.

Angel pitcher Jared Weaver tipped his cap to the outfielder in utter disbelief that he came down with the would-be home run.

“One of the best plays I have seen behind me,” Weaver said. “Obviously very uplifting, and I played off of that. The offense did the rest.”

Immediately after seeing the catch commentators began comparing it to veteran Angel outfielder Tori Hunters snag of a Barry Bond’s home run in the 2002 All-Star game at Miller Park. When asked by reporters which catch he thought was better, Hunter joked:

“Man, why you gotta put me on the spot like that?”

Hunter took to Twitter after the game, telling fans how impressed he was with Trout’s catch and the talent that the rookie possesses.

“One of the best catches I’ve seen with my eyes” adding, “going to be fun to watch for years to come.”

Do you think that Mike Trout’s catch was a better than Tori Hunter’s catch in the 2002 All-Star Game? You be the judge in these videos from MLB.com.