5 Seconds Of Summer Luke Hemmings Photo Leak: Rumored GF To Blame

Oops! Someone has leaked 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Luke Hemmings’ intimate photos and messages with him and his rumored girlfriend, Arzaylea. His fans are already pointing the finger at the girl.

Luke Hemmings apparently has been dating a girl who loves to show off their relationship, according to 5SOS fans. She’s been accused of sending fans intimate photos and text messages of Hemmings and herself via DM on Twitter. It’s unclear whether or not Hemmings is aware of this photo leak, but it’s quite possible since the story has been picking up traction on several media outlets.

One 5 Seconds of Summer fan even created a Twitter account dedicated to the girl’s leak, sharing photos and screenshots that Arzaylea has supposedly been sending the fans. When she heard about the photo leak on social media, she took to Twitter to say that she’s become a victim of cyber-bullying and has since privatized her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Some of the photos are not as steamy or as scandalous as you may think. In fact, most of them feature the musician looking at his phone as he has a bottle of beer next to him. Other photos show the girl playfully pinching his face and Luke biting the girl’s cheek. It hasn’t been confirmed if the girl in the photos is Arzaylea, but she looks very much like the girl in her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Why does Luke allow Arzaylea to do this? I would rather not focus on drama, but does anyone else find this wrong? pic.twitter.com/uVZqBst0P6

— 5SOS Updates (@5SOSLiveInfo) December 19, 2015

Hemmings’ girlfriend has been angering 5 Seconds of Summer fans, who accused the girl of exploiting her relationship with the Australian singer instead of laying low like bandmate Ashton Irwin’s girlfriend Bryana Holly. Last month, fans accused her of cheating on her previous boyfriends, and they’re concerned that she will do the same to Hemmings. Back in November, a fan shared her encounter with Arzaylea that immediately went viral after security was called on her by Hemmings’ girlfriend at a concert in Blackbear.

“As I got my camera up to take a pic, this security guard out of know where pulled me away from him and was like you need to leave and leave him alone we don’t want people knowing he is here and as I looked back he was already standing with Arzaylea and she gave me dirty look [sic],” the fan with the Twitter handle @_lukesbigbanana recalled.

Most of the 5 Seconds of Summer guys have stated that they’re single, according to a J-14 Magazine report. Maybe it’s because they want to fulfill their fans’ fantasies or they want to keep their romantic lives private. But Luke has been linked to Arzaylea ever since they were spotted on a double date with Ashton Irwin and Bryana Holly earlier this year. She even confirmed the rumors by sharing a photo of them kissing last month.

This isn’t the first time that 5 Seconds of Summer have been hit with an intimate photo leak. Calum Hood’s nude photos were all over social media last year. He was supposed to share a photo of his genitals covered with a smiley face, but the video accidentally leaked on Vine for all of his fans to see. Calum handled his nude photo leak by cracking a few jokes on Twitter.

The 5SOS bassist tweeted, “Least ya know what it looks like now.”

Then he later tweeted, “I’m still a teenage kid learning from mistakes. :)”

Luke Hemmings has not responded to his own intimate photo leak or the rumors that he and Arzaylea are indeed dating. Do you think she leaked his photos? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]