‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Plans To Leave Prison On The Sly For The Holidays

It will be a happy and Merry Christmas for Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice and the Giudice family as Teresa Giudice will be out of prison for the holidays for good. But she doesn’t want her prison release to be a big press event, so the plan is to sneak her out of prison. There is no word on whether Bravo will be along for her secret move from the prison in Danbury.

According to the Inquisitr, no matter what happens, Teresa Giudice has stated that she will stay loyal to her family. When asked by Andy Cohen if she would follow Joe Guidice to Italy if he got deported after his prison term, she said yes, that she would not separate her family, especially after they had been separated by prisons stays. Joe Giudice was not born in the United States, but rather in Italy, and came here when he was a child.


Radar Online is reporting that Teresa Giudice will not go to a halfway house, but instead go straight home.

“Photographers are expected to begin surrounding the premises ahead of the December 23 release,” an insider told the website. “Prison officials at Danbury Correctional Facility have been made aware that there even will be helicopters trying to get Teresa on camera coming out of there!”

Though in the past Giudice has never shied away from media attention, a family source says that she is trying to keep her release low key.

“Teresa doesn’t want this to turn into a media frenzy,” the website’s source said. “While this is a very happy time for her, being released, Teresa is very grateful to the prison staff for being so professional during her time beyond bars. She doesn’t want her release to create chaos for them.”

Guidice’s release details have been handled by her attorney.

“Teresa’s lawyer, James Leonard, has done a great job of working with prison staff and probation officials,” an insider previously told Radar. “If there is any question about whether an outing complies with terms of the house arrest, Teresa will err on the side of caution. She will not do anything to jeopardize the terms of her release.”


People Magazine is reporting that Teresa Giudice is going to be released from prison tomorrow. A family source says that the family is excited to see her, and she is thrilled with the idea of going home.

“Teresa is beyond excited to finally see her family. She can’t wait to see them,” a source informs PEOPLE. “It has been a pretty challenging year for her and her family, to say the least.”

It seems that there will be a gap in time between being released and the day Joe Giudice has to go to prison for his part of the sentence.

“She can’t believe this day has finally come. She has waited for this day since the moment she set foot in there. She is so happy,” says the source. “The first thing she is going to do when she gets home is hug Joe and her girls so tight. She has missed them all so much while she was in prison. She is going to spend as much time with them as she can.”


The Giudices were sentenced to do prison time for financial crimes which include fraud.

Will you be reading Teresa Giudice’s prison memoir when it comes out?

[Photo courtesy of AP/Julio Cortez]