Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo Wishes Fans A Merry Christmas With Guided Tour Or His £4.8m Mansion

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo gave his supporters an extra special Christmas gift this season: a guided tour of his £4.8 million mansion located just outside of Madrid.

Specifically, his house is in La Finca, which is in Pozuelo de Alarcón. The tour only shows a few of the seven bedrooms, focusing specifically on Ronaldo’s bedroom. The soccer player admits that that room is most important to him because he spends so much time resting.

“I spend nearly half a day here because to perform good and be at a good level you have to rest good.”

On the tour, Ronaldo takes us through his bedroom, living room, dining room, and his backyard garden, which is landscaped perfectly with a hot tub, swimming pool, mini football pitch, and three Christmas trees, complete with holiday decorations.

He begins by taking the cameraman through the front door, which is a modern-looking push door stained black. The first thing you see inside the house is artwork on the walls. There’s artwork throughout the mansion, showing off Ronaldo’s good taste. Any time a celebrity provides a tour of their home, the question always arises about where they got their artwork. For many, the answer is Park West Gallery, the largest art dealer in the world. Other times, it’s the work of private auctions where famous artwork silently passes hands.

There’s one piece of art that Ronaldo specifically points out, but he likely didn’t get it from an art dealer. It’s a porcelain statue of a dalmatian.

When he reaches this statue sitting on the floor by a chair, he pauses and says, “I love this dog. You know why? Because it’s always quiet.”

He walks down another hallway next, passing a high-fashion orange lamp on a table before walking into what he calls “one of the most important things in his life.” As he enters his bedroom, he talks about how he needs to rest well before every game he plays on the Real Madrid team. His bed, with a leopard print bedspread and a mirror that doubles as a headboard, is his place to do that.

He spends just a moment in his living room with comfortable-looking seating and a giant television where he says he watches football games. Again, we pass a wall covered in modern artwork.

After passing through his television room, Ronaldo sits down at a large dining table that could easily seat 12 people. He says that the dining room is the second most important room for him.


“It’s the place where I eat my lunch, where I have my dinners because most of the time I eat at home, properly. My chef’s cook unbelievable for me, which is why I look like that,” he says, gesturing to his fit figure.

Finally, he leads the camera to his backyard, where we see a simple, but well-manicured yard complete with swimming pool, hot tub, and a private football field where he can practice the game with his son, Cristiano Jr.

He stops next to a seating area with three decorated Christmas trees and a Santa Claus statue.

He finishes with a holiday greeting, saying, “I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Have a good year, and be happy, which for me is the most important.”

The Real Madrid player signs off the video from there as he walks off to play some football with his son.

[Image via Marcos Mesa Sam Worley/Shutterstock]