YouTube Star Jesse Wellens Reports His Mother’s Death – ‘Dope Fresh Nation’ Pours Out Sympathy

The YouTube star Jesse Wellens is known for his popular videos on the BFvsGF YouTube channel. The last video uploaded to that account, as of this writing, was three days ago, which can seem like forever to daily vloggers. That’s because a now-deleted video from the YouTube channel that Jesse shared with his girlfriend of 10 years, Jeana Smith, was titled “Please Help,” and it had described how Jesse was searching for his missing mother, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Jesse’s missing mother was the subject of a search that was centered around the Willow Grove area of Pennsylvania, according to the Philly Voice,

“Jesse’s mom has been missing for 3 days now. She was last seen in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. She may be in her vehicle, a light gold, almost silver looking SUV, 2000 Lexus RS, New Jersey plate #NPY89T. If you happen to see her or the vehicle, please contact us on Twitter. Thanks so much. I know this might seem a little far fetched but any help we can get is much appreciated.”

However, both Jesse and Jeana noted that the search for Wellens’ mom ended sadly, with Jeana‘s Twitter account @PhillyChic5 reporting that Jesse’s mom had been found and that his mother “rests to lay,” seemingly saying that she had died. No further details about the presumed death of Jesse’s mother have been published as of this writing, however, in the previous “Please Help” video, Jeana noted being worried about suicide and depression. Jesse’s mom had recently experienced the death of her own mother, so for two deaths to occur so closely together is sad indeed.

“The search is now over as Jesse’s beloved mother rests to lay [sic]. She was loved dearly and will forever be in our hearts. Thank you all tremendously for such deep love, dedication, and support during this tough time. We are very appreciative for your warm thoughts and prayers. Much love to you all DFN [dope fresh nation – heart and flowers emojis]”

Along with being known for the BFvsGF YouTube channel, Jesse also came to prominence for being featured in his Prank vs. Prank videos, with Jesse and his girlfriend trading pranks, such as ones that showed Jeana breaking a raw egg over Jesse’s head, or tricking him into thinking she was cheating on him, and Wellens doing the same.

Jesse mother
(Bret Hartman/AP Images for Friskies)

The duo promotes the “Dope Fresh Nation,” a brand that represents a community of followers, and even has a web store with DFN shirts. On Jesse’s Instagram, as well as on Jeana’s Instagram, there is no update yet about the couple’s recent loss — nor mention of the death of Jesse’s mother. There are photos of the couple’s recent celebration at a spa to mark their 10 years together.

One of the most popular videos on the Prank vs. Prank video channel is called, “ALADDIN MAGIC CARPET PRANK,” which has gained more than 13 million views in one month on YouTube. It’s YouTube prominence gained by those prank videos that make Jesse and Jeana seem like family or friends to those who are used to watching the couple’s antics online.

Meanwhile, Jesse tweeted his love for his mother.

Jesse also advised folks to close their Twitter apps and to go hug someone they love.

Jesse and Jeana are gaining plenty of comments on Twitter from their followers, expressing their sympathy at the loss of Jesse’s mother. In the previously deleted YouTube video, Jeana described how a series of events meant that the couple missed Jesse’s grandmother’s funeral. Jesse was fearful that his mother had done something desperate, with Jeana relating that Jesse’s mom left her cell phone behind.

(Bret Hartman/AP Images for Friskies)