Arkansas Dog Slaughter: More Than 50 Dogs Were Given Hot Dogs Laced With Sleeping Pills Then Fatally Shot

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission was notified on Thursday of a gruesome discovery on an uninhabited piece of timber property in rural Arkansas. More than 50 dogs were found dead on the property after it appears they were fed hot dogs laced with sleeping pills and then shot on site. In total, 57 dogs were found deceased on the property, along with five others who were discovered alive but had to be euthanized due to their severe injuries.

KFSM reports that the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission was called to a rural property in northern Arkansas after several dogs were found dead on the property. The land was an uninhabited piece of timber property 100 miles north of Little Rock, Arkansas. The commission says that the dogs were poisoned with sleeping pill-laced hot dogs before being shot to death. The dogs’ remains were then left on the property to decompose.

However, people looking at the land as timber tracts found some of the dogs first and called the commission. The commission then called the Searcy County Sheriff, who responded to the scene. The sheriff discovered other dead dogs in the general area. According to the Harrison Daily, the total number of deceased dogs on the timber property upon arrival was noted at 57. However, five more dogs had to be put down due to injuries. Another four dogs were able to survive their injuries and are currently in the care of an animal shelter. The dogs taken to the shelter were noted as “fairly healthy” and do not appear to be suffering from any fatal injuries.

The sheriff notes that of the dogs found dead on the property, most did not appear to be neglected or abused prior to their poisoning and shooting. He said a few of the dogs did have ribs showing, but other than that, they appeared in good health. He says none of the dogs had collars or other identifying pieces of information, so it is unknown exactly where all the dogs came from. However, officials say it appears the dogs were only on the property for two or three days before their deaths and were not living on the piece of land.

According to the Searcy County Sheriff’s Office, the Arkansas State Police have been notified about the mass dog killing and are looking for leads. However, the sheriff says that they currently have no leads in the case and no idea who would have brought the dogs to the rural Arkansas property to kill them.

“Right now, I’m going to say we don’t have any leads that have checked out.”

The sheriff did note that a large dog rescue operation was shut down in Searcy County a few years ago, but they currently do not know if the dogs could have originated from that operation. The sheriff did not disclose why the operation was shut down but says that it was determined that the suspect in that particular animal abuse case appears to have left Searcy County. It is not known if the dogs went with the suspect or what happened to the animals after the shutdown of the rescue efforts.

Meanwhile, the sheriff is encouraging anyone with information about the poisoning and shooting death of the dogs to contact local authorities with details. The investigation was noted as “still in the early stages,” and the sheriff says they are still working the case.

The Searcy County Humane Society has also seen an increase in donations as the organization houses the four surviving dogs from the horrific scene.

[Image via KY3 Video Screenshot]