Celebrities React To Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Mistake

Steve Harvey accidentally crowned the wrong Miss Universe contestant Sunday night during a live broadcast. The Family Feud host named Miss Columbia the winner of the pageant, but Miss Philippines was the actual winner.

After naming Miss Columbia–Ariadna Gutiérrez–the winner, she was given the crown, sash, and flowers, and she stood on stage for several minutes. Harvey came back on stage and said that he needed to apologize, and the real winner was Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach.

The blunder caught the attention of many on the internet and certainly anyone who was watching the pageant. While a lot of the reaction to the mistake has been negative, many celebrities have made statements showing their support for Harvey.

Michelle Williams rebuked those who have been talking hatefully about Mr. Harvey and suggested that all of us could make a mistake like Harvey’s one day.

Many other celebrities also joined the discussion. Mindy Kaling and Al Roker also took to Twitter to show their support for the Family Feud host.

After the huge mistake, Harvey apologized and took responsibility. He told his Twitter followers that he felt “terrible,” and he was sorry to disappoint viewers. He also said that it was all just an honest mistake.

Harvey may not have been responsible for mistake [Photo by John Locher / AP]It may not have been Harvey’s fault, after all. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, right after the mistake, Harvey was heard saying that the teleprompter said, “Miss Universe – Columbia,” rather than the rightful winner, Miss Philippines.

If the teleprompter did, in fact, display the wrong information, it wouldn’t make sense to blame Steve Harvey for a mistake that the production people made. It’s also interesting that Harvey would take the fall when he only said what he was being told to say.

However, Harvey said after the blunder that he did have cue cards with the correct winner on them. He said that he read the teleprompter instead of the cards that he was given.

Despite the outpouring of support from many celebrities, the social media has been filled with hate towards the Harvey. Others have poked fun at Harvey, turning the whole thing into a joke.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump said that it was “very sad” what happened at the Miss Universe Pageant. He also said that if he hadn’t sold the pageant, the mistake would never have happened.

Miss Universe Pageant [Photo by John Locher / AP]The real Miss Universe 2015 was obviously overjoyed at the turn of events. Even though her crowning was a little delayed, she most likely didn’t care all that much.

As for Miss Columbia, she can’t be that upset over the close defeat. She won the Miss Universe pageant last year, and came in second this year; that’s a pretty great record.

[Photo by John Locher / AP]