Steve Harvey Snapchat Video: ‘Teleprompter Said Miss Universe — Colombia’ [Video]

Steve Harvey might have taken the blame for announcing the wrong winner in the Miss Universe 2015 contest, but a new Snapchat video below from Today shows Harvey right after the gaffe occurred. The videos of Harvey announcing the wrong winner had quickly swelled to 7 million views on Monday, December 21, as reported by the Inquisitr. By Tuesday, December 22, however, a new Snapchat video — as seen below — sheds new light on what the teleprompter may have said that caused Harvey to declare the wrong winner.

According to Today, the audio from the Snapchat video is hard to hear, but the Snapchat video’s translated text claims to capture Steve saying that the teleprompter said Miss Colombia was the winner. As seen in the video from Today, which was published to their website on December 22, Harvey spoke off-stage about the teleprompter saying Miss Colombia was the winner.

steve harvey teleprompter
[Image via Snapchat]

“Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe gaffe: Was his teleprompter to blame?

“There is more fallout Tuesday from the gaffe at Sunday’s Miss Universe pageant that resulted in the wrong contestant being crowned winner before the mistake was corrected, awkwardly. Emcee Steve Harvey has taken the blame, saying he failed to read the ballot card correctly, but a new video raises questions about Harvey’s teleprompter. TODAY’s Willie Geist reports the latest developments, and Carson Daly shares some of the irreverent social media reaction in the Orange Room.”

Despite claims that the teleprompter had Miss Colombia as the winner, Steve still got back on stage and took full blame for not reading the winner correctly from the card. It was a long four minutes, during which Harvey debated offstage with the folks about the teleprompter while Miss Colombia was crowned the Miss Universe 2015 winner, and smiled and waved and cried at her success. Before long, she would be stripped of her crown.


It is not known whether the teleprompter actually declared Miss Colombia the winner, and if it had not yet been correctly updated to declare the Miss Universe 2015 winner as Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo. As of this writing, searching for photos of the teleprompter for the Miss Universe 2015 event have yet to turn up any images of the text at the time of the announcement on Twitter.

Searching for images of the teleprompter on Google Images for what Steve said he saw during the Miss Universe 2015 contest doesn’t yet turn up any images of the teleprompter, as well. There is likely footage of what the teleprompter contained during the moment that Harvey announced the winner. If no one in the audience at the Miss Universe contest had their phones snapping photos or video of the teleprompter at the time, which was likely facing the stage — surely one of the many broadcast cameras would have snapped footage of the teleprompter text.

Therefore, it’s likely a matter of time before screenshot photos of the teleprompter text make the rounds online. If, indeed, the teleprompter had the wrong winner entered at the time of the announcement, whomever entered the wrong teleprompter text might have explaining to do. It is likely that with a fast-moving event like the Miss Universe 2015 contest, the teleprompter may not have been updated in a timely manner.

Or, Steve may have read the wrong winner inadvertently. Either way, further proof is needed to determine how Miss Colombia ended up with the Miss Universe 2015 crown on her head — albeit briefly — when the winner was actually Miss Philippines. In this world where almost everything seems to be captured on Snapchat video or in photos, the teleprompter pic might emerge sooner than later.

[Photo by Raoul Gatchalian/STAR MAX/IPx 12/20/15 Steve Harvey at The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant/Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada]