Miss Germany Speaks Out About Miss Universe 2015 Blunder, Apologizes For Outrage She Caused

Miss Germany is the latest Miss Universe 2015 contestant to weigh in on the blunder made on Sunday night. After causing outrage with her comments, she has since apologized.

Her team made an announcement on the official Miss Germany Facebook page, but the page has since been completely removed by the social media giant. People have posted screenshots of the apology, which some say is not enough, considering the words that Sarah-Lorraine shared after the pageant.

Miss Germany Apologizes For Outrage Caused By Miss Universe 2015 Blunder Remarks [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]On Sunday Night, Miss Universe was in the spotlight for an unbelievable blunder when presenter Steve Harvey announced the wrong name. Instead of saying the first runner-up was Miss Colombia, he announced her as the winner. Some of the Miss Universe 2015 contestants have said that they could instantly see that a mistake was made. Miss Australia explained that the teleprompter had told the actual winner, Miss Philippines, to take her victory walk. Miss Philippines did not see this, and she joined the other women who had been unsuccessful. Miss Colombia was crowned and then had to hand over the crown again when the mistake was noticed.

Miss Germany stood out as the most controversial contestant since Sunday night, with many taking to social media explaining that her comments are the reason she did not even make the top 15 women in the pageant. She said that none of the girls voted for Miss Philippines, and she did not deserve it. For her, Miss France was the true winner, but she did admit that Miss Colombia deserved it.

“Miss Universe-Germany Sarah-Lorraine feels sorry for her colleague and friend Miss Colombia. This must have been the worst nightmare. She never intended to offend Miss Philippines in any way. She feels sorry for both girls. She is really sorry if the video suggests anything else than that,” Miss Germany’s official Facebook statement explained.

Miss Colombia has been praised for the way she handled the situation. Moments after the Miss Universe blunder, she explained that “everything happens for a reason,” and the disappointed runner-up was not angry about the mix-up or at Harvey. Wiping away tears, she thanked those who did vote for her. Miss Philippines has not said much about the mistake, except that it was “very 2015,” according to the Daily Mirror.

Steve Harvey is reportedly extremely embarrassed by his Miss Universe 2015 blunder, according to Hollywood Life. An anonymous source says that he is usually very funny and laughs situations off, but he is very sorry for the confusion and the embarrassment caused to both final contestants on Sunday night. He did not mean to do it, despite many claiming that it was all a publicity stunt. Some people did take to social media to say that they would not have known about Miss Universe had the blunder not happened and made the worldwide mainstream news.

Harvey will reportedly stay out of the public eye for the next few days to get over the embarrassment. Unfortunately for the Family Feud host, his mistake will not be forgotten for a long time.

After The Miss Universe 2015 Blunder, Miss Germany Spoke Out And Has Since Apologized [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]The whole world is talking about the situation. Donald Trump, the former owner of Miss Universe, said that the mistake would not have happened if he was still in charge. While commending Harvey’s actions on the night, he said that he would have crowned both winners.

Pia Wurtzbach, better known as Miss Philippines and now 2015’s Miss Universe winner, says that she was not sure whether to actually go up after being told of the blunder. Pia explained that she was concerned about a second mistake, and she did not want any further embarrassment. It was why she remained with the other women while Miss USA encouraged her to go back to the front of the stage. The winner was also looking for cues from members of staff to see what she should do, but they were just as confused as she was over the blunder.

In the end, Harvey, the winner, and the runner-up handled the situation in a dignified manner. Miss Germany stood out as the one contestant who made inappropriate comments in the aftermath of the Miss Universe 2015 blunder.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]