Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton ‘Got Schlonged’ In 2008 — What Does ‘Schlonged’ Mean? Sexist Definitions Of Schlonged [Video]

Donald Trump is being criticized for the below video, where the presidential candidate says Hillary Clinton got “schlonged” when she lost to President Obama in 2008. By Trump turning the word “schlong” into the verb “schlonged” to describe a woman losing to a man, “The Donald” is being taken to the mat for using the vulgar slang, which describes a man’s penis, in such a manner.

Trump used the word schlonged while trying to explain how Clinton was ahead in the polls but got “schlonged” when she lost to Mr. Obama in 2008. Now that Trump has said “schlonged,” the world is reacting to his usage of the word, with some calling getting it a sexist way to describe Clinton losing to President Obama.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definitions of schlonged are plenty worse, especially the third definition of schlonged, and especially when schlonged is used in a sentence. In light of the below definitions of schlonged, the usage of the word is particularly vulgar.

[Schlonged means] to get very drunk
[Schlonged means] to hit someone or thing
[Schlonged means] to bismark a someone

[Schlonged means] to be c****slapped by a man with a large penis.

I got absolutey schlonged last night.
I schlonged that ball a mile.

I schlonged that woman last night right in the face.

‘S*** that teenage mum just got schlonged by that hobo!’

Not only is Trump being criticized for using “schlonged” to describe Hillary’s loss, but in addition to saying schlonged, Trump called Hillary’s bathroom break that caused Clinton to miss a few seconds of the resumption of the democratic debate “disgusting.”

“I know where she went, it’s too disgusting. Let’s not talk about it. Wasn’t that a weird deal? Because, you know, it’s ABC and she practically owns ABC. Hillary — that’s not a president.”

Webster’s Dictionary is too refined to define the word schlonged, but does say schlong is a vulgar way to describe a man’s penis. Trump turned schlong into the verb “schlonged” and made it past tense. doesn’t define the word schlonged either, but interestingly notes schlong came from Yiddish “shlang” literally calling the root of the schlonged slang a “serpent.”

Trump’s “schlonged” usage, as reported by the Washington Post, is being called sexist in light of all the other words Trump has lobbed at women. With “The Donald” already deeming Rosie O’Donnell a “slob” and a “fat pig,” saying Hillary got schlonged isn’t sitting well with some schlonged people on Twitter.


Trump used “schlonged” before, as reported by the Washington Post, when Trump said Jane Corwin “got schlonged by a Democrat” in 2011. All in all, Trump detractors believe he is the one who might end up getting “schlonged” in the long run, with such language as the word schlonged seemingly being unfitting for a leader of the free world to sling around.

Political pundits stand amazed that Trump can ratchet up the shock factor and still climb the polls, but they say the truth will emerge when voters actually hit the voting booths. Other uses of the word “schlonged,” besides the two times Trump used the term, were when a reality TV star was called “long-schlonged” and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s obit mentioned the word long-schlonged in describing one of the actor’s roles.

Schlonged was also used by Neal Conan of NPR to describe the 1984 Walter Mondale/Geraldine Ferraro campaign, saying their ticket got schlonged.

“That ticket went on to get schlonged at the polls.”

The Republican presidential candidate is being taken to task on social media for using a word like schlonged, instead of something less controversial.


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