LeAnn Rimes Wears Stepson’s Christmas Sweater Without Pants, Says She Wants A Baby Girl

LeAnn Rimes’ recently decided that the best way to improve a kid’s ugly Christmas sweater is to rock it without pants – or maybe she decided to snap a pants-less photo of herself rocking her stepson’s Star Wars holiday sweater because she wants husband Eddie Cibrian to know that he needs to stuff her stocking full of leggings and tights this year. Many LeAnn fans might think that what the singer really wants for Christmas is a baby, and these LeAnnatics will be surprised by what she had to say about the topic.

LeAnn Rimes has been busy sharing Christmas posts on Instagram, likely because she wants to remind her fans that she has a new holiday album on sale. In one of her latest posts, LeAnn decided to sex things up a bit by getting rid of her pants, and her publicity ploy worked – her photo is getting plenty of attention.

LeAnn Rimes No Pants
LeAnn Rimes rocks her stepson's Christmas sweater Without pants (Image via LeAnn Rimes Cibrian/Instagram)

According to LeAnn, she and Eddie purchased a Christmas-themed Darth Vader sweater for her 12-year-old stepson, Mason Cibrian. The sweater was too big, so LeAnn decided to keep it for herself. As you can see, the “Borrowed” singer decided not to wear pants with her new prize, and she stood on her tiptoes to make her legs look longer for her social media shot.

“The Vader and the ugly Christmas sweater intertwined! #chillin #uglychristmassweater #darthvader #theforceawakens #pajamaday #nightnight #pajamaparty #uglysweater,” LeeAnn wrote. “P.S. I bought this for my stepson but it was a bit big, so I confiscated it.”

Perhaps Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes purchased the Star Wars sweater for Mason to wear in their family Christmas card. According to ET Online, LeAnn Rimes’ family Christmas card was inspired by those awkward Olan Mills photos that so many families have lived to regret. The card says that LeAnn and the men in her life are “not your typical holiday fruitcakes,” but Eddie Cibrian’s ugly Christmas sweater is definitely bananas – he’s wearing a shirt adorned with a pug that reads, “Bah Humpug.”

LeAnn Rimes Awarkward Christmas Card
LeAnn Rimes shares awkward family photo Christmas card (Image via LeAnn Rimes/Instagram)

“Let Christmas begin! Only a week away! Merry Christmas from our silly, blended, blessed family to yours,” LeAnn Rimes wrote on Instagram. “Hope you all have plenty of ‘Olan Mills’ moments to capture on your camera phones, but even more so, in your hearts. @olanmills #olanmills #portraits #blendedfamily #family #TODAYischristmas #countdowntochristmas #uglychristmassweater #puglife #christmascard.”

LeAnn Rimes just finished her “Today is Christmas” tour, so you’d think that she’d be all Christmas-ed out by now. However, according to the singer, she’s really looking forward to spending the holiday with her stepsons.

“It’s great. Having kids makes it only sweeter,” LeAnn Rimes told Smashing Interviews. However, Rimes said that her stepsons are growing up too fast for her liking. She wants them to stay forever young, but Mason is almost a teen and no longer believes in Christmas magic. Meanwhile, 8-year-old Jake is starting to question the existence of Santa Claus.

“They’re eight and 12, so we’re trying to keep them kids as long as possible,” LeAnn Rimes said, according to the Belfast Telegraph. “The oldest, of course, does not believe in Santa Claus pretty much anymore. The eight-year-old is questioning, but we’re still trying to keep him knowing for sure if there is a Santa Claus. It’s awesome just having them around.”

At least there’s one advantage to Jake growing up. According to LeAnn, he actually helped her write some of the songs on her “Today is Christmas” album. She told Entertainment Tonight that her stepson likes to hide underneath the piano or coffee table while she’s working on new music, and he occasionally popped out of his hiding place to offer his suggestions on songs while she was working on her Christmas album.

“So yeah, he helped write the record,” LeAnn Rimes said.

LeAnn Rimes and her family might gather around the piano to sing a few of these songs on Christmas Day, and LeAnn told Entertainment Tonight that tequila is usually involved whenever this happens. However, slurred singing isn’t her only Christmas tradition. During an interview with Miami Living, Rimes said that she started her own holiday tradition after she and Eddie Cibrian started dating. Instead of cooking up a traditional Christmas feast, she whips up a batch of lasagna for her husband and stepsons.

Even though LeAnn is obsessed with Eddie’s boys, she says that she gets rather “territorial” whenever they try to help her in the kitchen, and she’s constantly telling them not to touch things. However, being pestered by the boys hasn’t scared her away from wanting a child of her own. The 33-year-old star told Miami Living that she and Eddie Cibrian recently talked about having a baby – 10 years from now. In other words, LeAnn Rimes’ Christmas wish isn’t a positive pregnancy test.

“I think I have a couple more years of music stuff to really embrace and get set up the way I really want,” Rimes said.

LeAnn revealed that she really wants a little girl because there’s currently “so much testosterone in the house,” but she’d also be happy with a boy.

If LeAnn Rimes ever does have a daughter, the little girl better keep a close eye on her closet – LeAnn might just raid it to take another embarrassing pants-less picture.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]