Blind Old Dog Named Christmas Rescued After Living Down 26-Foot Well For At Least A Month [Video]

A touching video captures the moment last week when an old blind dog named Christmas, who fell down a deep well and was trapped at the bottom for at least a month, was rescued. The black pooch was named Christmas after he was rescued from the 26-foot well (eight meters) in Bosnia.

The rescue has been hailed a true Christmas miracle.

It was uncertain if the dog was thrown down the deep well deliberately or fell down accidentally. But the international animal rescue group Harmony Fund said the dog was probably wandering, sniffing around for food, when he fell down the well.

And although some reports claim the dog was trapped in the well for “months,” it is unclear exactly how long he was stuck down the well. However, Harmony Fund reports the dog lived alone in the well for at least a month. He was kept alive by local children who tossed scraps of food down the well after they heard him barking.

Eventually, a team of animal rescuers, led by Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his friend Ratko Koblar, heard about the dog’s plight and drove to the site.

After determining that a rescue was feasible, the team tied a rope around Bravo’s waist and lowered him into the hole carefully. The brave rescuer put the dog into a harness and, in a few minutes, pulled him out of the well.

The rescuer then climbed out of the deep hole safely.

The team captured on video the heartwarming moment Christmas was rescued from the hole just in time for Christmas.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on December 15 by Harmony Fund, shows the brief rescue operation. Harmony fund is actively involved in animal rescue operations worldwide, especially in war zones.

The video shows the black pooch immediately after he was rescued. The team noticed he was blind but remarkably in good shape.

Laura Simpson, the founder of Holden, Massachusetts-based Harmony Fund, told Good Morning America that Bravo and his companion, Koblar, learned about a dog trapped in a well at a place near Bosnia and rushed to the rescue.

“He [Bravo] and his friend thought it was perfectly feasible getting the dog out and they did a great job. They made it look easy.”

“The dog had been there for months and they don’t know if he was thrown in, or if he fell in,” Simpson explained. “We’re certainly hoping that he fell, but with the dog being completely blind, he was only kept alive because the local children were kind enough to feed him.”

“Surprisingly, the dog is in fairly good physical condition,” she added. “The blindness of course is from a pre-existing condition, but he’s now in foster care and we’re hoping he can find a home there he’s loved and respected in the way he should be.”

The rescuers, who described Christmas as “sweet and forgiving,” said he has received medical care and has been sent to a foster home where he is recovering after the ordeal.

“Christmas is a very gentle dog with a very sweet, and forgiving disposition.”

Simpson said she received a video from the rescuers showing Christmas having his belly rubbed.

“I think there’s another video clip he [Bravo] had sent me where he’s rubbing Christmas’ belly and he was in heaven. Christmas is a very gentle dog with a very sweet, and forgiving disposition,” Simpson said.

Harmony Fund said they plan to send donations to Bravo and his team for their good work in Bosnia.

[Image via YouTube/Harmony Fund]