Steve Harvey Needs To Be Crowned For His Courageous Honesty Amid Impending Character Assassination

Steve Harvey has set a new standard on what it means to be a man. Do you realize how much courage it must’ve taken for Steve to correct that mistake after such an awarded celebration?

By now, you’ve probably seen Steve Harvey in the Miss Universe video presentation. If not, you can see it below. After mistakenly announcing the runner-up as winner, Steve witnessed a grand celebration from those who supported Miss Colombia.

Could you imagine, for a few seconds, the thoughts that possibly ran through the mind of Steve Harvey — after a closer, second look at the scorecard? Steve didn’t have to walk back in front of the many world-broadcast cameras and give an account of his mistake. He could’ve very well left the announcement as it stood, especially since there was reported communications interference, as Steve Harvey mentioned in a post-interview.

In his experience, as far as analogies go, that walk was probably thoughtfully longer than a death row inmate’s walk to his or her execution.

Yet, Harvey had on his grown-man pants and fessed up to his mistaken announcement, even while understanding the possible backlash and character assassination he’d undergo thereafter.

From a look at the alleged finalist card, in defense of Steve Harvey, it was a bit difficult to read — especially given the pressures of the situation and the flash-glance right before the announcement.

If you have to play “Where’s Waldo?” just to find the winner’s name, things could be slightly confusing. “Miss Universe” looked more like the title of the card rather than the place for the winner’s name.

Steve Harvey Holding Miss Universe Card

In addition to Steve’s worldwide self-correction, he gave the press some time to ask questions. While basically addressing the world through the press, Steve Harvey stated as follows.

“[At first] I asked if I made a mistake. Then, there was a lot of hell going on… in my ear. So, I just went back out… Steve Harvey’s never hosted before. I made a mistake…

“… It’s not about the training. It has nothing to do with training. I just mad a mistake. Now, do I have to be here? No. Could I just go home? Yes, I could. But I’m a man. I made a mistake. And I’m standing here…

“… It’s never happened before, and it may not happen again. But it happened today. But the right person got crowned ‘Miss Universe.’ Nobody feels worse about this than me. My god, I feel horrible for this young lady.”

As the interview continued, some of the press applauded Steve Harvey and his willing courageous aptitude it took to correct his situation. Then, there were others who had never made a mistake in their lives, so it seemed. They had nothing but negative feedback to offer Steve Harvey.

Steve offered no excuses and didn’t attempt to place blame on anyone else but himself. With all the praise that politicians get during the presidential campaign, when’s the last time you heard one of them be this honest and forthright with the people as Steve Harvey?

According to an article from University of California, Berkeley, it’s said that you know someone who has let you down in a big way. To this, the university says that — sometimes — this type of person doesn’t like to confess to his or her mistakes and won’t place the blame solely on self. And often times, you’ll be left as the person “holding the bag,” so to speak. That seems to be opposite of the way Steve Harvey handles business.

Nevertheless, Steve knows that — part of being a grown man — is owning up to his faults. And Harvey’s done that several times over, so far. How do you feel about Steve’s bloop and address to the world? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment]