Kelly Slater’s Perfect Artificial Wave: 11-Time World Surfing Champ’s ‘Magnum Opus’ Could Revolutionize Sport [Video]

Almost since Americans like Tom Blake first began riding waves in the early 20th century, learning the sport from Hawaiians like Duke Kahanamoku and other Hawaiian beach boys, surfers have played with the idea of creating a perfect surfing wave in a lake or a pool. After ten years of development, it now looks like 11-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater has created an artificial wave that is bigger, and of better quality, than anything surfers have seen before, and by a wide margin, according to the Inertia.

“This is the best man made wave ever made, for sure,” Slater was quoted. “No doubt about it.”

“It’s his magnum opus. His baby. His lasting mark on the sport of surfing’s future,” Dashel Pierson with The Inertia wrote.

Watch Kelly Slater surfing his new artificial wave in this footage available on the Kelly Slater Wave Company website and uploaded to Vimeo. It is interesting to note that the website for the company features the video and nothing else. Though it seems apparent that his goal is to bring surfing to a wider range of participants, at the moment, many people are clamouring to be Kelly Slater’s buddy and pro surfers are reported to be hoping for invitations from the much-revered surfing enigma. “Kelly Slater wave pool location” has been trending on Google and its actual location is said to be a “secret.”

“Every surfer wants to be Kelly Slater’s friend right now,” fellow pro surfer Alex Gray was quoted.