Louis Tomlinson Keeps Chicago PDAs Coming With Eleanor Calder Look-alike

Louis Tomlinson’s sojourn with actress Danielle Campbell continues in Chicago as the loved-up pair enjoy intimate dinners, stride across communal squares holding hands, walk Danielle’s dogs in the quiet suburb where the actress lives and even ham for a selfie in Danielle’s bedroom. The One Direction star bear-hugs his lover with an inscrutable expression as a grey felt cap shades his face.

Danielle Campbell is smiling in the latter picture, her face pretty and relaxed, albeit half cut-off. Danielle Campbell, who has the fresh-faced, all-American look typical of an ex-Disney star (in addition to some surprisingly well-defined cheekbones that add a tinge of gravitas to the American’s visage and prevent her from looking fully hamster-cheeked in the Selena Gomez sense), looks giddy indeed to be receiving adoring bear hugs from the muscular Louis Tomlinson, whose ripped upper-body is the stuff of international fangirl fantasy, and who — if body language is any indication — has a rather different chemistry with Danielle than he did with baby mama Briana Jungwirth.

Louis Briana

This image showing Louis Tomlinson with Briana Jungwirth in a nightclub around the time the sexy One Direction star impregnated the Calabasas stylist suggests a very different dynamic. It is Briana who grips the bemused Louis around his abs as he fingers a drink with one hand and gestures back at the blonde with his other hand, using what fans will recognize as a favorite Louis Tomlinson pictorial gesture. “Check her out!” the One Direction star seems to say, even as his striking eyes and frame-spanning chest command attention.

Briana holds her own, though. The blonde’s eyes glimmer with lust and mischief and her tight, knowing smile is one of a woman who seems to know things are going exactly her way. The picture was the stuff of nightmares when it surfaced in the wake of Tomlinson’s breakup with Eleanor Calder. Briana’s eyes sparkled with smug pleasure (could the star have just slept with the blonde, or perhaps gone on to impregnate her later that same night?), and her hold on the celebrated abs of Louis Tomlinson dealt an emotional death blow not just to fangirls and boys worldwide, but to Tomlinson’s heartbroken ex. “He’s mine!” the stylist’s body language seems to declare, and though her cheek rests affectionately on Tomlinson’s shoulder and her face has a self-aware, even prim aspect — as if she knows that tight, pointy smile works for her in pictures — a demon seems to be bursting forth from deep within Briana. She is a nightclub femme-fatale, a California peroxide-blonde who holds the world-shaking power of Pandora in her box. She is the bad-girl-made-good, freshly with child, financially set up for life, and about to go home and enjoy the giddy approbation of fame-hungry mother Tammi Clark, who went on to brag to all her friends about her “One Direction baby,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

When Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth were videotaped leaving a nightclub during their brief dating period, the blonde repeated this pattern of trailing the star, shyly but determinedly. She seems quiet and adoring, while Tomlinson is rambunctious, drunk, newly liberated from a four-year relationship, and whipped to a manic and carefree state as he enjoys a nightclub-hopping adventure during a break from his touring schedule with One Direction.

Danielle Campbell’s chemistry with Louis echoes the chemistry he had with Eleanor Calder. The settings are not boozy nightclubs but family kitchens and ice cream parlors; their companions are not red-faced whiskey-clutchers but family members and dogs on leashes. It is Louis who grips the smiling brunette, and not the other way around. Tomlinson holds hands with Danielle Campbell the way he almost always did with Eleanor, though that is not saying much. Tomlinson got girlfriend rumors flying when he held hands with vixen-ish Tamara Bell at Glastonbury, as reported by the Daily Mail, but that proved to be just a flash in the pan.

Is there a new One Direction winter girlfriend? Is Danielle a Louis Tomlinson “beard”? Tell us.

[Photos by Frederick M. Brown; Jason Merritt/ Getty Images]