TNA News: Jeff Hardy Wrestling With Broken Leg

In TNA news, Jeff Hardy has revealed that he will attempt to wrestle with an broken leg. The revelation was made while he was a guest on the weekly Whooooo! Nation podcast interview show hosted by Ric Flair.

Back in March, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy won a tournament to capture the vacant TNA World Tag Team Championship. They were only able to hold it for two months. Jeff was involved in a dirt bike accident while enjoying one of his longtime favorite hobbies.

The injury was severe enough that TNA had no choice but to find alternative plans for their tag team titles. They had initially indicated that Jeff Hardy would be fine but doctors told them he would need several months away from the ring. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards ended up winning the belts after beating Austin Aries and Bobby Roode in a classic five match series.

Through the podcast interview, Jeff Hardy revealed that he was going to attempt to wrestle a match in January with a knee brace on. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion acknowledged that he is a little bit afraid that his body will not hold up. However, he really wants to see if he can do it.

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy [Photo by Impact Wrestling]

That comes as quite a concern because reports surfaced recently stating that Jeff Hardy would miss most of 2016 because he may need another knee surgery. Reportedly, the previous procedure was not enough to repair all the damages. Many were under the impression that fans would not see Hardy in a wrestling ring until late next year.

Since he is currently still under contract with the promotion for a couple more weeks, the assumption is that Jeff Hardy will be working a match for TNA. This would likely cause critics to immediately and automatically blame Dixie Carter for not caring about her performers. Impact Wrestling is making its debut on POP TV in January, and Hardy’s presence would help tremendously.

However, Jeff Hardy never did give details about where he would be wrestling in January. His contract is expiring soon, but the exact date has not been revealed. If it expires before January 24, 2016, then his match might be the Royal Rumble.

During the same interview, Jeff Hardy flat out stated that he and Matt Hardy have a desire to finish their careers in WWE. They want one final run, and they want it to include a final feud with the Dudley Boyz.

Dudley Boyz
Dudley Boyz [Photo by WWE]

WWE has not made an official comment about bringing back Jeff Hardy or Matt Hardy. However, the rumor is that the company would gladly love to capitalize on the nostalgia factor. The Hardy Boys can definitely move merchandise for World Wrestling Entertainment, and they might even be able to draw in some of the fans who have stopped watching Monday Night Raw.

An appearance by Jeff Hardy at the Royal Rumble would simply just whet the appetite. Fans would likely have to wait several months to see him on the road full-time with WWE. A match at Wrestlemania is highly unlikely, even though Vince McMahon would probably love to have his star power to help break the attendance record at AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

Though they’re all a lot older now, the Hardy Boys and Dudley Boyz can still put on an entertaining ladder match. If they’re all healthy enough, that would be an excellent match for Wrestlemania 33, which will be held in the crystal palace that is currently being built by the Minnesota Vikings. A match of that magnitude would be perfect in a luxurious building like that.

Jeff Hardy just needs to make sure he doesn’t do any permanent damage while wrestling with a broken leg.

[Photo by Impact Wrestling]