Stephanie Davis Charged With Child Cruelty After Locking Toddler In Room For Night Of Partying

Stephanie Davis, an Atlanta resident, was charged with child cruelty after police found him locked in a room by himself with no food or water.

Davis was arrested for alleged DUI by Atlanta-area police on June 22nd after being pulled over for speeding. She called her mom from jail and said that her 2-year-old was being watched. Fox News reports that her mom wasn’t so sure her daughter was telling the truth, so she asked police to check on the child.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Forsyth Sheriff Ted Paxton said in a press release that:

“Because of the extenuating circumstances, one of the deputies pulled the screen off of the window and entered the home. The deputy then made his way to the room where he heard the child crying. What he found was a child that was trapped in his room by a closed door, equipped with a safety device on the inside doorknob, that prevented the child from opening the door.”

The officers who went to the residence and forced open a window to get in after he heard dogs barking and a child crying. What he found inside was astonishing. Paxton recalled:

“The child was dressed in a dirty white T-shirt. He had removed his diaper himself and it was on the floor, filled to overflowing with feces. The child had feces on his hands, feet and legs.”

The Huffington Post reports that officers also found urine and feces all over the room the child was locked in, which contained only a box spring and mattress set. They found two dogs in the residence, who were taken by animal control. They located more than 50 bags of trash, and said the residence smelled of urine, feces, and rotting food.

According to The Huffington Post, Sheriff Paxton stated:

“I commend the deputies for their response and for their caring actions at the scene. This was a situation that could have ended quite differently. Thankfully, the child was located and is now safe.”

Stephanie Davis is currently being held in lieu of $2,500 bond at the Fulton County Jail. the 21-year-old mom is facing DWI and second-degree cruelty to children charges, and possibly an additional charge of reckless conduct.