Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning Upset About Backup Rumors

Peyton Manning is upset about rumors regarding his demands to not be a backup quarterback for the Denver Broncos, according to the Denver Post.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network insinuated that Peyton Manning told the Denver Broncos that he would not play the role of backup to Brock Osweiler, who has done well in place of the hall of fame quarterback.

Peyton Manning has been under the microscope all year long for playing well below the high standards that he set while being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for more than a decade.

His struggles have been highlighted by the fact that the defense has played at an extremely high level this season to keep the team near the top of the standings despite the poor play at quarterback.

For years, Peyton Manning had to carry the Indianapolis Colts with superior play to cover up for a severely lacking defense. The situation has been reversed this season with the Denver Broncos.

Throughout his long career, the former Tennessee Volunteers star has a consistent track record of saying and doing all the right things. He’s the prototype for what general managers look for when they are drafting a quarterback in the first round.

Brock Osweiler
Brock Osweiler [Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images]

When Ian Rapoport first made the insinuation, there was much skepticism. His colleague at the NFL Network, Marshall Faulk, flat-out stated that he’s not going to believe anything until he hears it from Peyton Manning himself.

Upon hearing about the allegations being made about him, Peyton Manning was visibly disturbed. He even went as far as to use an expletive during an interview, which is very much out of character for him.

Even when he was frustrated with the stifling offense that Gary Kubiak designed, Peyton Manning refused to put his head coach in an uncomfortable position by calling him out publicly. The offensive scheme requires him to be under center instead of his preferred shotgun position.

If he’s healthy enough to get back on the field, Peyton Manning isn’t the type to mope on the sidelines if Gary Kubiak opts to keep Brock Osweiler as the starting quarterback. He will more than likely show support for his understudy while cheering on the team.

Much was made of the fact that Peyton Manning wasn’t on the sidelines after he went down with a foot injury. Tony Romo was on the sidelines for the Dallas Cowboys in an arm sling, while Robert Griffin III has been praised for supporting the Washington Redskins after head coach Jay Gruden benched him in favor of Kirk Cousins.

Gary Kubiak
Gary Kubiak [Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images]

Whatever happens this season, Peyton Manning will more than likely move on to another NFL team, as he reportedly has a desire to continue his career. A prideful player, he really doesn’t want fans to remember him as the struggling quarterback who limped away from the game.

The Denver Broncos probably will not put up much of a fight if Peyton Manning wants to leave. Gary Kubiak is said to prefer a more conservative quarterback who plays within his system instead of someone who is essentially an offensive coordinator on the field.

Despite his age and health issues, there should still be a fair amount of interest when Peyton Manning hits free agency. Expect borderline teams to rent him out for a season or two so they can get a taste of the NFL Playoffs.

A team like the Cleveland Browns have long been desperate for a quarterback and a spot in the NFL Playoffs. Even if he had declined a bit, Peyton Manning could still be the best quarterbacks the team has seen in years.

One way or another, Peyton Manning will be a starting quarterback on the NFL.

[Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images]