‘Love Actually’ Script Writer Live Tweets While Watching, Reveals Harry And Karen’s Fate And Other Secrets

Love Actually actors are “baffled” by the movie’s continuing popularity, according to Sky News citing Kris Marshall, who played Colin Frissell in the film.

Marshall said that he loves that watching the movie he starred in – Love Actually – has become a Christmas tradition, and revealed that no one from the cast could predict such a success for the movie released in 2003.

The 42-year-old actor said whenever he sees his fellow actors that starred with him in Love Actually, “we’re always baffled it became such a big thing.”

In the United States, Love Actually is watched throughout the entire holiday season – from Thanksgiving to Christmas. And this tradition repeats every single year. Marshall, meanwhile, is happy that Love Actually is part of people’s traditions.

“I’ve just been out in America filming and got called ‘Colin’ every time I walked into a bar.”

However, Marshall admitted that he is nothing like his unlucky-in-love character in Love Actually, Colin Frissell.

“Colin is an absolute geek — when I was single, thank God I was nothing like him. He has a complete lack of awareness and is a total fantasist.”

Great scenes from ‘Love Actually’ with the superb Kris Marshall. I remember watching it at the cinema in… https://t.co/VfWzXhZTCE

— Paul Simon Tillett (@paultillettuk) December 21, 2015

Marshall also revealed in an interview with Closer Weekly that the cast of Love Actually doesn’t hang out much, but they do run into one another every once in awhile.

He told a story that he once ran into Hugh Grant, who portrays the Prime Minister in Love Actually. The two actors then stopped to have a chat.

And then there is the mysterious fate of Alan Rickman’s (Harry) and Emma Thompson’s (Karen) characters in Love Actually. Bustle recently theorized that the characters’ final scene might give the audience a hint of what is actually going on.

The news outlet paid close attention to Love Actually and noticed that Harry is still wearing his wedding band, which means there is at least some chance that he might have found a way to earn Karen’s forgiveness. And that scene where Harry gives Karen a light peck on the cheek, and the way Karen says that she is glad to have Harry back left audiences feeling optimistic, according to Bustle.

Since then, though, Love Actually fans have had more definitive answers to their burning Harry and Karen questions. Entertainment Weekly reported that Emma Freud, a script editor on Love Actually and also the wife of director Richard Curtis, live tweeted while watching the film, providing much-anticipated answers to fans’ questions.

Emma Freud also revealed that she was the “kissing consultant” for the big scene involving Colin Firth’s character.

That thumb! That was 100% my idea. #LoveActually pic.twitter.com/VcbOIGI8PB

— emma freud (@emmafreud) December 13, 2015

In other news, it seems that British actors and actresses are obliged to appear in at least one Jane Austen-inspired period movie in their career.

Sense and Sensibility, a Jane Austen book-turned-movie, has recently marked its twentieth anniversary, while director Ang Lee helped a great number of now-famous actors (who weren’t as famous twenty years ago) get an opportunity to appear in a movie of that period, according to Bustle.

And the interesting thing is that many actors from the cast of Sense and Sensibility met one another on set of other movies such as the Harry Potter franchise and Love Actually.

Take Emma Thompson, who portrays Elinor Dashwood in the movie, for example. The actress met many familiar faces from the 1995 movie later on throughout her career, including in Love Actually. Not only did she meet her second husband, Greg Wise, on the set of Sense and Sensibility, but she also was the writer of the script, for which she was awarded with an Oscar.

Bustle lists a number of “unexpected actors” that appeared in Sense and Sensibility, like Hugh Laurie, who played Mr. Palmer in the movie and then became the hit star of House TV series. Before becoming a huge star thanks to his sarcastic and quirky House character, Laurie appeared alongside Thompson in such movies as Peter’s Friends.

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