Tammy McCall Browning Addresses Kenya Moore And Glen Rice Jr. Drama That Resulted In Hospital Stay

Tammy McCall Browning is finding the humor in what happened during her vacation in Miami with the women of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Early Monday morning, Tammy posted a photo that poked fun of how crazy she looked when she reappeared back at the Miami vacation home after her hospital stay. She also addressed the drama that happened between Kenya Moore and Glen Rice Jr. that resulted in her hospital stay.

Tammy posted a photo done by a blogger that compared her to Jack Torrance from the horror movie The Shining. The photo shows the infamous scene where Jack, played by Jack Nicholson, peeks through the smashed door and proclaims, “Here’s Johnny!” Tammy’s hairstyle of cornrows and long blonde braids are superimposed on top of Jack’s head.

Tammy McCall Browning, guest star of season 8 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" [Image via Tammy McCall Browning/Instagram]Tammy explained that she looked a bit crazy because when she got back to the vacation home after being stranded at the hospital, she discovered that all of her possessions weren’t there.

“coloredqueenYes, this how you look when you are left stranded at a hospital with no ride and you come ‘home’ to find all of your clothes, phone, iPad, everything is gone#tammymccallbrowning #carrie#girlslaughinginbackground #mamafreco#goodtalk.”

In response to one person who expressed sympathy for what Tammy went through, Tammy replied that what really bothered her was being stranded at the hospital in the middle of the night and finally getting back, only to find all of her stuff gone and people laughing over the situation.

“coloredqueen: @celebrity___princethanks sweetheart! It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal to me, s**t happens, except for being stranded at a hospital at 3am, finally getting back and people laughing and all your s**t is gone!#dayinthelife #learningexperience#goodtalk.”

At least Tammy wasn’t at the hospital alone. In the comments section, she thanked two people for staying with her at the hospital all night.


Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta showed the housewives hanging out at the Miami vacation home one night. Tammy McCall Browning, who joined the trip as Cynthia Bailey’s friend, invited Glen Rice Jr., who she introduced as her nephew, and three of his friends to hang out with the women at the house. Glen wasn’t exactly laid back and carefree. Early on in the night, after Kenya Moore called out to Glen, Glen snapped at her for supposedly snapping at him. Later, Glen went over to where Kandi Burruss and Kim Fields was sitting. When he found Kandi’s response to him not to his liking, he started yelling at her, saying that she was rude.

While Kandi and Kim just laughed off Glen’s behavior, Kenya decided that his behavior warranted a more serious reaction. Finding Glen’s behavior to be threatening and dangerous, she asked that he leave the house. Infuriated, he called Kenya a “little b**ch” and moved aggressively towards her. Tammy stood in his way to stop him but he shoved her out of the way like a rag doll. She fell to the floor, hit her head, and was unconscious for a bit. Glen was escorted out of the house, and Tammy was taken to the hospital.


The next day, Kenya and Kandi were shown explaining to Cynthia that Tammy and one of the men actually returned to the house. They showed Cynthia, who missed the action, a video that Kandi took with a cell phone. The video shows the women shrieking and running around frantic upon hearing that Tammy and one of the guys was at the door. Porsha finally opens the door, revealing Tammy wearing a robe over a hospital gown and booties. Tammy did not look amused.

In an Instagram post, Kandi explained the home video. She said that after Tammy was taken the hospital, security locked all of the doors and said that they were taking all of her things to the hotel that she was going to stay the rest of the night in. When she and some of the other women were talking about the night’s drama, there was a knock on the door, and Sheree Whitfield yelled that it was Tammy and the guys. The women all ran to Kandi’s room and called security. Security said that they would handle it. Kandi started filming her and the other women laughing about how silly they were to run when all of a sudden Tammy knocked on the door again.

“I guess we ran because we were told that she wasn’t suppose to come back that night. & not only was she back but she was back with the guys that had just flipped on us so we didn’t know what their intentions were… How the hell they got in the house we still don’t know. The doors was suppose to be locked… Tammy was cool she just wanted her stuff but we didn’t have it so she left. Security was slipping that night tho. #CrazyNight#RHOA#LongStory#Video1.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kenya Moore defended her decision to ask Glen Rice Jr. to leave. She tweeted that Glen threatened to kill everyone and made gang signs with his hands. Meanwhile, Glen’s father, the famed retired basketball player Glen Rice, posted a tweet that stated that Tammy McCall Browning is not related to anyone in his family and used his son. That tweet has since been deleted.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]