Donald Trump Weighs In On Miss Universe Blunder

Donald Trump had decided to weigh in on the unfortunate Miss Universe blunder from yesterday. Steve Harvey accidentally read the wrong name out as the winner, admitting that he misread his card.

The comedic presenter has since apologized for the gaff, but not so many people are willing to forgive him. Republican presidential campaigner Trump is one of those who believes his gaff has been extremely detrimental to the competition, and has decided to share his opinion and gloated that he had never made such a mistake. He is the former owner of the worldwide competition.

Donald Trump Gets Involved In The Miss Universe Blunder [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]Trump took to the Today Show to say that the best way of handling the situation would have been to crown both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines as co-winners. He believes that it would have been “good for the brand,” as the ceremony would have been “beautiful.” There have been mixed reviews from individuals since his announcement, saying that it is not possible to crown two winners just because of a mistake.

According to Fox News, Trump also took to Twitter to gloat about the mistake. He decided to sell the brand six months ago, and says that it would have never happened had he still been in charge.

Despite gloating, he did praise Harvey for the way the blunder was handled. Trump explain to the Today Show that he liked the way Harvey “got out” of the situation he had put himself in. He also only had good words to say about those who had bought the brand that he had sold after 15 years of running it, saying they are “tremendous people.” According to Us Magazine, this is what happens on live television.

It is certainly not the first time that the wrong person has been announced in competitions. Just recently in the United Kingdom, X Factor fans were outraged when presenter Olly Murs prematurely announced the name of the act leaving the competition back in November. He had believed the judges had decided with a majority vote on one act, and it happened to be the one that the public had put in last place. His co-presenter had to quickly cover the tracks for him, saying that they were going to deadlock. Fans quickly took to Twitter to slate Murs for his live performance mistake, saying that his predecessor would never have made such a mistake.

Big names who have been presenting competitions for years have also made mistakes live on air. Sir Terry Wogan made a mistake while presenting the British Eurovision finals to announce the name of the act that would compete in the Eurovision competition. He and his co-presenter announced two different acts, leading to some initial confusion. It led to a quick apology from Wogan about the blunder, as he admitted that he got it wrong.

Miss Universe Blunder Aftermath: Donald Trump Shares His Opinion [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]There were some complaints over the way Harvey handled the situation after his blunder, and Trump just could not help but share his opinion. It was just his opinion, though, and he did make it clear that he thinks that he would have made them co-winners. There is no confirmation over whether this is possible.

Trump’s argument is that the prize should not have been awarded to a contestant for a short period of time. The crown had already been placed on Miss Colombia’s head when Harvey announced the mistake, showing everyone what was actually written on the card. The crown and winning sash had to be removed and awarded to the rightful winner.

Trump had had to give up his position after NBCUniversal cut ties with him. That was shortly after his controversial comments against Mexican immigrants.

[Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]