‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ Spoilers: Matt Nable To Appear As Ra’s al Ghul, Plus Episode 9 Title

The wait is almost over for the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premiere, as the Arrow/The Flash spinoff will debut on the CW in just about a month (January 21). The series is taking over the Thursday, 8 p.m. time slot, followed by The 100 Season 3 at 9 p.m. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are moving to Fridays (beginning January 29).

Legends of Tomorrow has already been set up quite a bit between Arrow and The Flash. Sara has been resurrected and her soul restored (thanks to a visit from Matt Ryan reprising his role as John Constantine from the too-brief NBC series). Ray Palmer is back to being human size after shrinking during the explosion that took out part of Palmer Technologies in the Season 3 finale. Professor Stein has a new Firestorm match in Jefferson “Jax” Jackson after Ronnie died helping to save Central City. Captain Cold is out of jail, thanks to the Weather Wizard. Kendra Saunders is beginning to remember her past lives with Carter Hall after the events of this season’s Flarrow crossover. The only one who has yet to be seen in action, other than in trailers, is Rip Hunter.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow's Hawks
The Flarrow crossover introduced Hawkgirl and Hawkman. [Image via the CW]

Speaking of trailers, the latest ones offer a look at the team coming together, traveling in time to fight Vandal Savage, as well as appearances from some familiar faces for Arrow and The Flash fans. How much will all their time travel change things? Professor Stein’s wedding ring disappears, but is that just the beginning?

The villain for the spinoff was introduced in the crossover, as his initial attack on Kendra and Cisco led them to Star City to hide out and try to figure out what was going on and why he was after her. A bit of training and time travel later (which has to have consequences, as it did previously when Barry went back in time), the two teams of superheroes, including Hawkgirl and Hawkman, suited up and managed to defeat Vandal Savage, reducing him to ash. However, as the final scene showed, Malcolm Merlyn collected his ashes, which presumably has to tie into why this team of “legends,” as Rip Hunter tells them they one day will be, has to exist in the first place.

However, it’s hard to imagine that this is how, as ComicBook.com has reported, Matt Nable is going to reprise his role as Ra’s al Ghul on Legends of Tomorrow. (Malcolm wanted Ra’s dead, after all.) Seen in Arrow Season 3, the villain left his mark, first kicking Oliver off a cliff before being killed by Oliver in the finale. (Right now, Malcolm Merlyn is the current Ra’s al Ghul.) But since the spin-off is all about traveling through time, it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to imagine that will come into play with Nable’s appearance, though nothing has been confirmed or even teased other than his return as of yet. He’s not the only villain crossing over; Neal McDonough’s appearance as Damien Darhk has been known for a few months already. The two have mentioned one another – and Damien knows Malcolm is now Ra’s al Ghul – but they have yet to appear on screen together. Will that change now?

Matt Nable as Ra's al Ghul
Arrow's Ra's al Ghul is coming to DC's Legends of Tomorrow. [Image via the CW]

In other news, Marc Guggenheim has tweeted out the title for Episode 9 of the spinoff, and it should be familiar to Arrow fans: “Left Behind.” That was the title of Season 3 Episode 10, the one immediately following Oliver and Ra’s al Ghul’s duel on the mountain.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres Thursday, January 21 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

[Image via the CW]