‘Teen Mom OG’ Spoilers: What Will Farrah Abraham Share This Season?

Teen Mom OG is going to be airing in just a few weeks, and fans want to know what to expect. Clearly, Farrah Abraham is the most controversial of the girls, and it looks like a lot of her scenes this season will be focused on some of the damaging things in her life. Teen Mom has followed these girls around for seven years and over that time, a lot has changed. It looks like this season of Teen Mom OG will show the most progress with all of the girls, including the steps forward and the incidents that have taken them back a few steps.

According to She Knows, Farrah Abraham is giving details on what to expect from Teen Mom OG this season. Abraham is going to address the fact that she is single, and fans will get to see what happened between her and Simon. She alludes to the fact that there were some decisions made about him, and it included keeping Sophia in mind. Last season of Teen Mom OG, fans watched as Abraham tried to pressure him into committing to something like marriage. At the time, the two were still friendly when filming ended and the reunion happened, but it looks like the two broke up during filming this time around. It is a confusing situation, though, because Abraham had photos of her and Simon posted to social media just last month.


When Farrah Abraham began filming for Teen Mom, she had no idea what life would be like seven years later. This season of Teen Mom OG will show how Abraham and Sophia are dealing with the the loss of Derek. He is Sophia’s father and died before she was even born. Abraham was forced to be a single teenage mom and deal with everything completely on her own. The therapist she has been seeing on and off for several years will make an appearance on Teen Mom OG, and fans will get to see some of what she is going through. Sometimes traumatic events like this affect people in different ways, and Abraham is trying to cope as best as she can.

It looks like Teen Mom OG isn’t a big deal one way or another for Farrah Abraham. According to Us Weekly, Abraham threatened to quit the “trashy” show after not being able to get her way. She is a savvy business woman, and she wanted to do another reality show on a competing network with her mom. Because of the contract signed with MTV, it was not allowed. Instead of handling it like a typical young adult would, Abraham threw a fit and got physical with a Teen Mom OG staff member. This is one of the reasons her co-stars have had enough of her.

There will also be parenting moments with Sophia addressed this season on Teen Mom OG. The media has been hard on Farrah Abraham when it comes to how she chooses to parent her daughter. Because there is money involved, Abraham is able to do extravagant things for her child. Much of what she does for Sophia is over the top by typical standards, but for someone with money, it is normal. While sometimes Abraham does not make the best decisions as a parent, she has done the best she can with the hand she was dealt.


The new season of Teen Mom OG will begin airing on January 4 on MTV. Fans are looking forward to watching Farrah Abraham and her journey with Simon and therapy with Sophia this season. While she may be one of the more controversial Teen Mom stars, there is still a fan base for her. With a new season of Teen Mom OG on the way, there won’t be a dull moment from any of the ladies!

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