‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robin Battles For Survival, Emotional Moments Ahead For Jason, Sam, And Elizabeth

What can viewers expect from Monday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers tease that this will be an intense episode with a lot of action. This is the episode that was originally slated to air on Friday, but due to a presidential address, it was moved to Monday for all time zones.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, this episode will bring a lot of action regarding Robin. Jerry ordered one of his henchmen to kill her and Patrick, and Anna and Robert arrived seemingly too late to save her. During Monday’s show, everybody will learn Robin’s fate.


Though General Hospital spoilers have not detailed how Robin gets out of this one, she does survive. Robin, Patrick, Anna, and Robert will be reuniting this week, and soon viewers will see a conversation between Robin and Emma. During Thursday’s episode, Robin will make a vow to Emma, details She Knows Soaps. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound as if this family reunion lasts for long.

While Robin will be saved, the buzz is that Anna and Emma will soon return to Port Charles while Robin and Patrick stay away. Jason Thompson is about to leave the role of Patrick, and it would seem that the show may create a reason for Robin and Patrick to stay away from town, together, to keep Emma safe.

Also ahead on Monday’s show, there will be drama related to Elizabeth, Jason, and Sam. All three have ended up at the Nutcracker Gala, and sparks will fly. General Hospital spoiler previews have shown that during a confrontation, Liz will throw Laura under the bus. Laura knew the truth for months as well, and Jason is about to learn that tidbit.

There will also be an emotional, private moment ahead in this episode involving Jason and Sam. He will apologize for not trusting her and for how he has treated her. Sam will admit how much she loves him, but how will he react? Unfortunately, Jason does not remember his love for Sam, and he doesn’t have the same kind of feelings for her.

General Hospital spoilers have been teasing that despite Sam’s hopes for reuniting with Jason, he may soon forgive Elizabeth and give things another shot with her. Jason will be having a major flashback regarding some romantic moments in his past during Thursday’s show, and viewers will be quite curious to see where this heads.

Monday’s episode also has some big moments revolving around Julian. General Hospital spoilers detail that he will be pulling Molly and Kristina aside to ask them a very important question. From the sounds of things, he will be talking to them about his plans to propose to Alexis. It seems the girls may be happy to support this one, as Julian and Alexis are said to have some celebrating to do on Tuesday’s show.


As Soap Central notes, there will be some significant developments related to Michael and Sabrina as this week continues. Michael will show the sonogram to Monica, and she immediately sees that things don’t add up. General Hospital spoilers detail that Michael will be confronting Sabrina, asking if he is truly the baby’s father, during Tuesday’s show.

There is a showdown between Jason and Nikolas coming, questions about Lulu’s plans regarding Valerie, and even some kind of collaboration between Sonny and Kiki. Viewers will not want to miss this week of episodes, as there is plenty of drama on the way throughout Port Charles this week on General Hospital.

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