‘Jill And Jessa: Counting On’: Were There Any New Revelations About Anna Or The Duggar Daughters?

Last night’s episode of Jill and Jessa: Counting On had Anna Duggar speaking out about her reaction to the news of husband Josh Duggar’s infidelity. She also revealed her plans for her marriage. In addition, Jill and Jessa chatted about their current lives as well. Here are some tidbits from the reality show that fans may not have known before now.

There had been previous stories about where Anna was currently living. She has now admitted that she is living in the Duggar house with her four kids. She said that she is staying in the girls room since both Jill and Jessa have left home.

One piece of news that may not have come as a shock to most is that Anna Duggar has confirmed that she is biding her time until Josh gets out of rehab to hopefully restore their marriage. She is still standing by her husband and hoping that God will work in both of their hearts, as reported by People.

“I pray that through all of this that I would be an extension of God’s love to Joshua, that I would love him and forgive him and wait patiently and allow God to work through our hearts. My prayer and my heart’s desire is for our marriage to be restored.”

She also mentioned that she misses her husband being around. Even after all of the heartbreak she has gone through since the second scandal broke out, Anna mentioned that she has had to raise her four children on her own. Of course, she is not exactly on her own because she has 19 other people in the Duggar house to help out. However, she does miss having Josh with her during family events and family photos as well.

The mom-of-four had to go it alone at Jessa and Ben Seewald’s baby shower. This brought up past memories for Anna.

“When you see Jessa and Ben interacting, your mind does go back to a lot of happy memories and you think, ‘Oh, that was a special time and I do miss having Josh here right now.’ So there has definitely been a wide range of emotions.”

It also looks like Anna and the rest of the family are certainly aware of what their fans, as well as haters, are talking about on social media and everywhere else online. She addressed the fact that she knows what is being said about her marriage and Josh’s infidelity.

“I know there are those that feel I have every right to walk away from this marriage and I respect other people’s views, but in my heart, when I got married, I vowed to God first and then to Joshua for better or for worse, till death do we part.”

Viewers may have been surprised to learn that Jill and Derick Dillard are considering adopting a child. The couple, who are now living in Central America, said that they have come to this country as a family of three, but they could leave as a family of four.

While many had previously thought Jill and Derick meant that she could have birthed another baby while away, that was apparently not the case, although it could still be a possibility. But this missionary couple really meant that they could very well have an adopted child in their arms next year when they return to the states.

Jill, Derick, and Israel had a teary send off (Photo by Duggar Facebook)

The cameras followed Jill, Derick, and baby Israel to their home in Central America, where fans got to see the apartment that they are living in right now. It is quite nice. However, it looks like they will be downsizing soon. Derick said that once they get through with Spanish classes, they will be moving to a rural area, which will not have all of the amenities that they have right now.

Jill also learned a new way to carry baby Israel. The local women in Central America use a sling made out of a blanket to carry their small children around. However, the Duggar daughter has used slings before in the U.S., as she was criticized last April for using her sling incorrectly with her newborn son, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

There wasn’t much learned about Jessa that fans hadn’t already known before this. Well, there was one thing. Husband Ben Seewald calls the Duggar’s a “pickled family” because of their love for pickles. His then-pregnant wife jokingly told him that it almost sounded insulting.

Ben and Jessa joking around. (Photo by YouTube screen cap)

The third and final installment of Jill and Jessa: Counting On will focus on Jessa’s dramatic labor and delivery of her baby son, Spurgeon.

Were there any new revelations you thought were interesting? Were you surprised that Anna Duggar is going to give her marriage another chance?

[Photo by Duggar Facebook]