Louis Tomlinson Meets Danielle Campbell’s Parents — One Direction Star Getting Serious With New Girlfriend?

Louis Tomlinson has started the One Direction break with a bang, sparking a frenzy on social media when he was seen at several joints in Chicago. Louis had an impromptu photo shoot with fans at a gas station, appeared on Danielle Campbell’s Snapchat looking toasty-warm and boyfriend-y at the actress’s kitchen bench, and even bared his butt at a tattoo parlor in a pictorial that dropped jaws Twitter-wide when the images made their way from Danielle’s brother’s Snapchat (apparently Danielle’s brother was the one who took the shots) onto the former social network.

It’s not just Danielle Campbell’s brother Louis has been introduced to. Today, the One Direction star was photographed in an ice cream parlor with his arms around the actress, and some people who are reportedly her parents trailing the lovey-dovey pair.

The pictures elicited a variety of reactions. Some people questioned why Louis would declare, along with the rest of his One Direction bandmates, that he wants to take a break, stay out of the spotlight, and spend time with family, only to turn around and canoodle so publicly with an actress. Indeed, the emergence of Louis’ cheeky tattoo parlor shots, reported by Hollywood Life, and the many photo sessions from Louis’ active night with Danielle in Chicago suggest that the star is happy to go public and not fazed by the possibility of scandal and new waves of fan attention.

Some people worried about Briana Jungwirth, who is due to give birth to Louis’ child in the next two months, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Others scoffed that Danielle is merely a “beard” winter girlfriend (a girl contracted by Modest Management to play the part of a One Direction girlfriend), in the tradition of Taylor Swift and Nadine Leopold. The only difference is that this time it is Louis, not Harry Styles, who is playing along with a Cowell-and-Modest cover-up, allowing himself to be photographed with a new “girlfriend” in what has become a One Direction silly season tradition.

Upon seeing the Danielle Campbell shots, some people even reflected on whether they could continue to love Louis, a man of obvious appeal whose winning package of a charitable nature, kindness, talent, good looks, and sex appeal has now been marred by behavior dubbed as “disrespectful,” “insensitive,” and even “trashy” (sadly, the words “deadbeat dad” started floating around).

Shippers of the “Larry” theory (that Louis and bandmate Harry Styles are secretly in love) reflected that they would rather believe Briana and Danielle are fakes than believe that the beloved Louis Tomlinson would behave this way.

In a shocking twist, the parents of Briana Jungwirth have even come forward on social media, commenting about Briana’s mental state. It was originally reported that Louis got Briana pregnant after a casual fling and would not be marrying or dating her, but he would support the child. However, just recently, Life and Style published a strange report saying Tomlinson had just “dumped” Briana Jungwirth. This got many people wondering, “So were they in a secret relationship this whole time?”

An “insider” heartbreakingly reported that as hard as Louis Tomlinson has tried in recent months, he “cannot love [Briana].”

Since then, the Jungwirth parents have earned the ire of Louis-lovers by liking and commenting on posts critical of the sexy star’s behavior. Briana’s stepfather even commented on one Instagram post saying that the whole year has been hard for Briana and that being pregnant with Louis Tomlinson’s baby is “not the fantasy that people imagine.”

Many accused the family of being hypocritical, saying that if they are uninterested in fame/money and truly want privacy as much as they say they do, why do they attack Louis and fans publicly, expressing negative opinions and emotions in Instagram comments and likes and, in Ashley Jungwirth’s case, angry Snapchat videos?

For the most part, fans (both Larries and Antis) stood by Louis Tomlinson and attacked his critics, often passionately and even viciously.

Louis Tomlinson’s mother Johannah Deakin did not engage the haters, instead wisely choosing to focus on the love Louis was getting when loyal fans got #LouisBeHappy trending on Twitter.

Someone even claimed that Danielle Campbell and Louis Tomlinson have been confirmed as a couple by none other than Ashley Jungwirth, who was last seen lashing out against One Direction fans who hate on the Jungwirths.

Is the One Direction hiatus off to an explosive start? Are Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell dating?

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]