#IWillProtectYou Hashtag Goes Viral On Twitter And Facebook After 8-Year-Old Girl Expresses Fear Of Being Deported Because She Is A Muslim

The hashtag #IWillProtectYou has gone viral after a story from Melissa Chance Yassini was told to the Associated Press in which her daughter, Sofia, expressed her fear of being deported from the United States if Donald Trump were to become President. The 8-year-old Sofia Yassini heard Donald Trump speaking of his plan to deport Muslims from the United States. Even though Sofia is a citizen of the United States, she still felt fear that soldiers were going to come get her from her home. Melissa Yassini wrote on Facebook about her daughter’s fear.

“She had began collecting all her favorite things in a bag in case the army came to remove us from our homes. She checked the locks on the door 3-4 times. This is terrorism. No child in America deserves to feel that way.”

The post on Facebook was shared over 20,000 times and was seen by Kerri Peek. Peek is an Army veteran who was so horrified by the story that she was not able to go to sleep that night. Peek spoke with ABC News about how she felt.

“I was up all night, it bothered me. I’m a mom, from mother to mother… I know you want to protect your children from everything.”

Kerri knew she had to do something and decided to post a picture of herself in her military uniform.

“Here’s a picture of me as a mom and soldier and I’ll come to protect you.”

Peek didn’t stop with just sending her picture. She posted on her Facebook account and asked her friends who were in the military or were veterans to say that they would protect those like Sofia. The hashtag #IWillProtectYou was born. The #IWillProtectYou hashtag quickly went viral when current military members and veterans posted pictures of themselves in uniform and telling Sofia that she will be safe.

Sophia, still serving and #IWillProtectYou pic.twitter.com/eUPP3EnlRY

— katie lewis (@laylamedic) December 20, 2015

Melissa Yassini wrote to Kerri Peek to tell her how Sofia was reacting to the #IWillProtectYou hashtag.

“She said she’s been reading the posts to her daughter and her daughter feels so much better knowing that she’s a part of America.”

Donald Trump has been campaigning for President and claiming that if he wins, he will ban Muslims from the United States. When he first mentioned this plan, he made it sound as if he was going to deport every Muslim in the United States. He has since explained his plan further to say that it would only be Muslims coming into the United States. That didn’t matter to Sofia. She thought she was going to be essentially kidnapped by American soldiers. Now that she knows that soldiers are supporting her with the #IWillProtectYou hashtag, she feels like she is safe.

Anyone can show their support for Sofia and the other Muslims who are United States citizens by posting on Facebook and Twitter #IWillProtectYou. Do you support Sofia and others who are in her position?

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