T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm Resigns, Leaves For European Competitor

T-Mobile USA Chief Executive Philipp Humm has resigned and will be replaced in the interim by COO Jim Alling as the company searches for a new leader to head U.S. operations.

A representative at T-Mobile revealed on Wednesday that Humm is leaving the company and moving to Europe where he will take over as the CEO for a European competitor.

While the identity of Humm’s new employer has not yet been revealed he was released immediately after he informed Deutsche Telekom Chief Executive Rene Obermann of his future plans. Originally Philipp Humm had offered to stay on duty until September.

When Humm joined Deutsche Telekom in 2005 he was in charge of the company’s mobile business in Germany, he eventually moved into a position that oversaw the company’s sales and service activities for Deutsche Telekom group in 2007. In May 2010 Humm moved into a position at T-Mobile USA and became CEO in November 2010.

Phillip Humm will end his time at T-Mobile on a sour note, one of his last decision was the firing of 1,900 workers.

In an email to T-Mobile employees CEO Alling confirmed Humm’s release while ensuring employees that the company continues to move forward with Humm’s “Challenger” strategy. Under Humm T-Mobile USA movies towards a focus on business-to-business and MVNO channels while network modernization schemes were given an ever-increasing emphasis.

T-Mobile has been very active this week, yesterday we reported that the company has expanded its prepaid cellular program to more than 6,400 Dollar General Stores located throughout the United States.