Trevor Noah’s ‘The Daily Show’ Ratings Turn Dangerously Low

Trevor Noah may be a well-liked guy with a huge smile and dimples, but his stint on The Daily Show has been getting worse and worse. Breitbart has the bad news.

“Although a ratings falloff from Stewart was all but guaranteed, a 40 percent drop for Noah is steep. Comedy Central has professed to be unconcerned because Noah’s appeal is to millennials. However, he is down about 40 percent among the 18-to-34 audience as well, and surprisingly the show’s median age has gone up, from 45.1 to 47.4.”

Breitbart assumes that this is because people may be sick of people in the media pretending that Obama can do no wrong. However, the problem may be more obvious than that. Even left wing websites have given Trevor Noah bad reviews.

Trevor Noah Daily Show
Trevor Noah thinks that a white person should not play Michael Jackson. [Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]

Robert Julian of the Huffington Post is the latest left-wing critic to go after Noah.

“Every night on The Daily Show, Noah fluffs lines. He is reading copy off a teleprompter – copy that he’s gone over several times before the show airs – but he just can’t nail it consistently. His regular verbal missteps destroy the comic timing of these set pieces and suggest – now that he is over two months into the show – that Noah might not be up to the task.”

Julian adds that Noah is out of his depth. Everything with him may be “cute,” but that doesn’t cut it when one is trying to skewer pomposity or deliver an evisceration of the current crop of Republican presidential candidates. Recently, Salon criticized Trevor Noah as well.

“One of the key differences between the comedy of Stewart and the comedy of Noah is that, no matter how frustrated Stewart got over the inanities he was covering, he never gave up hope and he never stopped fighting for social justice. Meanwhile Noah seems to focus his show on finding examples of stupidity and laughing at them. It is the difference between Noah’s dick jokes and Stewart’s biting sarcasm.”

Trevor Noah Sexism
Trevor Noah has finally increased ratings for 'The Daily Show." [Photo by Andrew Toth /Getty Images Entertainment]

Not everybody is criticizing Noah. The Toronto Star says Trevor Noah is the ideal court jester and the satirist who America needs right now.

“He’s of another generation (31 to Stewart’s 53) which is also something Americans and the rest of us need. Every idealistic cohort gets its chance to perfect the world, if they’re lucky; and they always fail, at least relatively. What then? They step aside and let the next crew take a shot,” author Rick Salutin claims.

The article adds that Noah is actually adding more viewers in the very-important age 18-24 demographic. Salutin also believes that Noah can talk about racism first-hand since he is from South Africa. Salutin may have some good points, but it’s not getting through to the people on Twitter.

Comedy Central has tried its best to help Trevor Noah, including having Jon Stewart back on the show earlier this month. They have also tried to deny that the ratings are bad, despite actual concrete proof and data. The next couple months will be crucial for Trevor Noah and The Daily Show. Let’s hope Noah can capture some excitement and not be let go by next Summer, which could happen if the ratings keep declining.

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]