Sony’s Action Cam Captures An Eagle’s Eye View While In Flight In 4K! [Video]

Thanks to Sony and their Sony Action Cam, they were able to show the world a first-person view of an eagle in flight in the midst of a urbanized area. Not only that, the video footage capture they produced was extremely most detailed and clear because they recorded on the new Sony Action Cam 4K.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Tony Hawk utilized the Sony Action Cam to document his journey to land a brand new trick. The pro skater, famously known for landing an Indy 900 during a competition, wanted to be the first to skate a horizontal loop. From what Hawk and his crew knew, nobody has ever attempted to skate a horizontal loop before, ergo he wanted to make sure everyone knew he was the first through video documentation. Therefore, one Action Cam was suspended over the loop while another Action Cam was implemented into Hawk’s skateboard. Attempt after attempt ended up in failure, but eventually, Hawk figured out what needed to be done if he wanted to perform this new trick. In the end, he was able to learn from all his past mistakes and become the first skateboarder to skate a horizontal loop.

Getting back to the video of an eagle’s point-of-view in flight over an urbanized area, it as uploaded on the official YouTube channel for Sony’s Action Cam. The eagle, who’s name is Darshan, flies through the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. His journey was supposed to be from the Euromast Tower, which is the tallest building in Rotterdam at 185 meters, to where his master awaits. Apparently though, Darshan got lost along the way but still manages to find his master in the end.

Needless to say, the video is stunning as viewers get a first-person look through the eyes of an eagle in flight. The first part of the video simply shows the expansive view eagles (or any bird that can fly at that height for that matter) see on a daily basis. The latter half of the video is when it gets quite exciting as Darshan weaves through trees, hovers above roads, and cuts around buildings to find his master.

As for why Sony presented such a video for their Sony Action Cam channel, it is in support of a non-profit organization that aims to re-introduce the white-tailed eagle into its natural habitat in the French and Swiss Alps known as FREEDOM. Ergo, Sony and FREEDOM collaborated on such films to help raise awareness for their mission. Also, Sony is an official sponsor for FREEDOM in which they provide its Action Cam to allow the non-profit organization to accurately document the flights of white-tailed eagles. It is also used to help white-tailed eagles be reintroduced into the wilderness.

Watching such videos by Sony truly gives a sense of appreciation that there are people out in our world who are willing to help in any way. Either it be helping people, other animals, or the environment, they are all for a good cause, and it seems Sony is wanting to capture it on their Action Cam. Still, they will not shy away from showcasing numerous extreme sports and sports action footage with the cameras as proven by the numerous videos featuring men and women pushing their limits it whatever sport they favor.

[Photo by Terry Fincher/Express/Getty Images]