Atz Lee Kilcher And Family Confuse Fans With ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Christmas Episode

Tonight, viewers got a new episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier. It is the week of Christmas, and Atz Lee Kilcher and his family shared a Christmas episode with fans. It was really confusing to everyone though, considering that the Kilcher’s were talking about it being Christmas Eve and obviously that is not true. Fans went to the show’s Facebook page to try to figure out exactly what was going on tonight with the Kilcher family’s new episode.

Atz Lee Kilcher [Image Via Instagram]One big part of the episode tonight was talking about how they were not going to have a white Christmas, and they decided to make sure the Kiltcher family could see the snow by blowing the top off of a few trees. The reason that they don’t get a white Christmas could be the fact that the Kilcher family is filming all about Christmas when it isn’t even Christmas.

Otto took Charlotte out to show her this big gift that was for her. He put a blindfold on her, and of course she was really excited when she realized what was going on, but if they had just waited for Christmas, then the entire Kilcher family might have had a real white Christmas like Charlotte wanted to see.

Atz Lee Kilcher made a great gift for Jane and she did the same for him. Jane actually made a wash basin into a bass for Atz Lee to play and decorated it for Christmas. This was the perfect gift because he can use it to stand up and work on healing as well as give him something to do. Atz Lee made a gorgeous journal for Jane with his lyrics on the front page so she could write in it.

It turns out that this episode was filmed months ago, at least before September. People shared on October 1 that Elvin and Eve Kilcher had welcomed their daughter Sparrow Rose. This was a very exciting time for the Kilcher family. On this episode tonight, Eve was very obviously still pregnant, so they filmed this episode before the baby was born. This means that they filmed Christmas months, ago or of course the baby would have been around for the holidays.

On December 18, Kilcher Cam Fans shared on Facebook that they were already done filming this season. Everyone had a big party to celebrate the end of season five, showing that they were finished, but of course viewers will get to see the rest of the season after it was filmed.

There is always talk about how reality television shows set up filming and the Kilchers obviously had to do the same thing. If viewers wanted to see a Kilcher Christmas, then they had to film it early or nobody would have gotten to see this all go down until next summer. Now everyone at least understands why they saw the Kilcher family doing their Christmas tonight.


Another thing that confused a few fans was that various episodes with the Kilchers aired all day long, so they thought that there was not a new episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier tonight. Luckily, they did air a new episode of the Kilcher’s Christmas even if it had to be filmed in advance. Here is a scene from last year’s Christmas show with the Kilchers.

Are you shocked to hear that Alaska: The Last Frontier faked their Christmas episode? They made it look like it was Christmas for the fans, but that was obviously not what was really going on with the Kilcher family. Don’t miss new episodes on Sunday nights on Discovery.

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