Brandon Bingham Shows How To ‘Be A Hero’ Through GoPro By Saving A Frozen Kitten’s Life

GoPro, the company famously known for their action cameras, recently featured Brandon Bingham and his family in their “Be A Hero” Series in which ordinary people do extraordinary things for others. In Bingham and his family’s case, they brought a frozen kitten back to life.

In related reports by The Inquisitr, GoPro is not alone in featuring everyday life of others through action cam stories and documentaries. Earlier this year, Tony Hawk was on a quest to pull off another brand new trick. The pro skater who is known for being the first to land an Indy 900 during a competition wanted to skate the first horizontal loop. The only difference is that Hawk did not use GoPro cameras to document the trick attempt, but Sony’s Action Cam. With one cam perched above the horizontal loop an another attached to the front of Hawk’s skateboard, Hawk showed the numerous attempts and failures trying to skate the world’s first horizontal loop prior to pulling the move off. In the end, Hawk was able to capture the moment and Sony uploaded the video to their official YouTube page.

Though Tony Hawk’s video is very entertaining to watch, it probably will not win any rewards for restoring one’s faith in humanity. However, Brandon Bingham and his family’s video of saving a frozen cat just might. According to Brandon himself, he and his family rented out a cabin up in Barry Lake on Thanksgiving morning. While playing outside in the snow, Brandon’s oldest son stumbled on what he thought was a dead cat. Brandon’s brother picked up the cat and found out it was indeed a kitten who was barely alive. Without haste, he rushed the kitten inside in an attempt to save his life. Next to the fireplace, Brandon’s brother performed CPR on the kitten. Everyone else who was watching, including Brandon himself, thought the kitten was gone.

Thankfully, Brandon Bingham’s brother did not give up even after an hour or more has passed. The reason why is because he was able to resuscitate the little kitten back to life. That moment was probably best described by Brandon himself.

“I thought to myself, ‘We just witnessed a miracle.'”

Afterwards, the kitten (who’s name was not mentioned if he had one at that time) was found a new home with a woman simply identified as Becca. He now doing well, lives in a loving home, and is indeed a living miracle.

The story of how Brandon Bingman and his family were able to save a frozen kitten and bring him back to life was uploaded on the official YouTube channel for GoPro on December 14, 2015. Since then, it has received over 3.3 million views with over 21K likes. To be honest, this heartwarming story probably would have not gotten as much attention as it did if it were not for YouTube featuring it on her list titled “Stories That’ll Restore Your Faith In Humanity.” Thanks to them, more people were able to see the beautiful story unfold, up to almost 30 million subscribers on YouTube’s official channel actually.

For those wanting to see more videos on how GoPro captures life, just like how it captured Brandon Bingham and his family’s story, their official YouTube page has a section titled “GoPro Awards: Official Selections.” Along with videos that will restore one’s faith in humanity, there are numerous videos of people living life to the fullest ranging from exploring the world, taking on extreme challenges, or following one’s dreams.

[Image via Screen Capture of GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives Video]