Flynn McGarry, 13 Year Old Chef, To Get Amazing Summer Experience

Flynn, McGarry knows a few things about food. The teenage chef knew there was something different about the way he looked at food from the time he was 10 years old. That was the age where he grew tired of the food his mother gave him and he started cooking for himself. He discovered that one of his top specialties was Trout with braised leeks, caramelized fennel and wild fennel fronds.

MSNBC Nightly News reports that McGarry, now 13 will spend the summer apprenticing some of the best chefs that Los Angeles has to offer. He will be working at the best restaurants and be written about as he is now, the latest “food prodigy”.

Flynn’s initial foray into the culinary wold came when John Sedlar, Owner of the Playa Restaurant, gave his kitchen to Flynn so he could prepare a nine course dinner. The dinner sold out almost immediately.

Sedlar told MSNBC about Flynn,

“Flynn is a very unusual young man, and he’s very very passionate,”

Flynn has converted his bedroom into a full service kitchen, with a small bed in the corner of course. His passion can be found any evening in his house while he makes his family dozens of culinary treats.

Where does Flynn see his career headed? He said,

“My goal? Michelin three stars, a restaurant in the top 50 list. Hopefully the top five.

Flynn joins a whole host of recent “Child Stars”. Bill Maher recently did a rant about the abundance of 14 boys that have made a name for themselves in the Conservative political sphere. That was more to compare Republicans to children though.