Dallas Cowboys Not Committed To Kellen Moore

The Dallas Cowboys are out of the NFL Playoffs, but that does not mean that they are committed to Kellen Moore as their starting quarterback for the final two games, according to Sports Illustrated.

Heading into the game against the New York Jets on Saturday night, the Dallas Cowboys were a loss away from being eliminated from the NFL Playoffs. That caused people to believe that Kellen Moore would be given the final two games of the season to see if he could take over the backup quarterback position when Tony Romo comes back next season.

Kellen Moore received his audition much earlier than he expected. With Matt Cassel struggling under center, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett opted to replace the veteran quarterback with Moore, who had never played in a regular season game in the NFL prior to this weekend.

While he is not the most athletic quarterback in the NFL, Kellen Moore showed that he has a quick release and has no issues going through his progressions. The former Boise State Broncos star did better than Matt Cassel, which is not that big of a feat considering how much he has regressed since shining with the New England Patriots.

Matt Cassel
Matt Cassell [Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images]Statistically, Kellen Moore finished the game by completing 15 of 25 passes and throwing his first touchdown in the NFL. His three interceptions, however, were a cause of concern for the coaching staff. It was actually enough of a concern that Jason Garrett refused to commit to Moore as the starter.
"We'll go back, and we'll evaluate the tape, and we'll make the determinations and really throw out a roster as to who we want to play and how we want to play it. Our focus is to win a ballgame, and the byproduct when you get to this time of the season with where we are, there's an opportunity to evaluate every player."
There's a chance that Jason Garrett might simply be saying this because he wants to motivate Kellen Moore in practice this week. Then again, though, considering his lack of experience in the NFL, a line like this might cause him to lose even more confidence than the three interceptions he threw, including one in the fourth quarter that sealed the game for the New York Jets.

It would be a wiser move for the Dallas Cowboys if they simply allowed Kellen Moore to finish out the season. Two games isn't a whole lot of time, but it does give them a little better idea on what they can expect from Moore. It will also enable them to have a better idea of what to do during the NFL Draft next April.

Tony Romo
Tony Romo [Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images]Losing the final two games of the season isn't that big of a deal. They're already out of the NFL Playoffs. Plus, each loss gets them closer to the top of the draft. The Dallas Cowboys climbed to the fourth overall selection with their loss to the New York Jets.

Being that high in the NFL Draft means that the Dallas Cowboys have a better shot at drafting Myles Jack. The former UCLA Bruins star is recovering from an injury at the moment, but he is expected to be healthy by the start of next season. His versatility would provide quite a boost to the defense. Jack could form quite a linebacker trio with Rolando McClain and Sean Lee.

Carson Wentz has been rising rapidly on draft boards across the NFL. The North Dakota State Bison quarterback is expected to be taken late in the first round or early in the second round. Being that high in the draft improves the Dallas Cowboys' chances of acquiring a potential replacement quarterback in the second round.

Kellen Moore needs to be given a chance before the Dallas Cowboys move on.

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