‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Spoilers: Seven Ladies Go Home Night One, But There’s A Twist

The 20th season of The Bachelor premieres on January 4, 2016, and ABC’s new leading man, Ben Higgins, will be standing outside the Bachelor mansion ready to greet 28 ladies who hope to win his final rose. However, not everyone will make it past the first rose ceremony. Seven girls will be sent home, but there will be an unexpected twist at the end of the first episode.

[Spoilers ahead]

ABC recently released photos from the Ben’s first cocktail party, and it appears that he is having a great time with the ladies cast for his season. Not only does he kiss at least two girls, spoilers indicate that he is clear about who he wants to give his first impression rose to — news anchor Olivia Caridi. That leaves 27 girls who have to stand through a rose ceremony to see if they made the cut.

Contestant Lace Morris sneaks a kiss in when she arrives at the mansion, and Reality Steve states that she tries to force a second kiss on Ben during the cocktail party. That doesn’t go over well with the Bachelor, but if Steve’s spoilers are correct, he isn’t all that upset and doesn’t eliminate the girl rumored to be this season’s villain.

Contestant Mandi Kremer makes things awkward on the first night by giving Ben a dental cleaning during the cocktail party. This was the dentist’s way of making sure his oral hygiene was on point when she kissed him. Ben didn’t seem to mind her quirkiness — spoilers indicate that she makes it through the first rose ceremony.

Although Ben tells Reality TV World that he was “shocked” that two girls from Chris Soules’ season — Becca Tilley and Amber James — show up on the premiere, he decides to give them both a shot and keeps them around for several episodes, one longer than the other.

Despite Ben’s friendly conversations — and a little bit of kissing — with his 28 ladies, he still has to decide who stays and who goes on night one. Olivia Caridi is safe with her first impression rose, Becca and Amber get a pass to move ahead, and the two girls who lock lips with Ben also move on to Week 2.

Who leaves on night one and what’s the twist that will have one girl feeling a little deflated at the end of the premiere?

Reality Steve predicts that Lauren Russell, Isabel Goodkind, Laura Esselman, Jessica Moser, Breanne Rice, Tiara Soleim, and Meagan Miller are sent home at the very first rose ceremony of the season.

However, contestant Lauren Russell doesn’t take rejection well and returns after the rose ceremony and asks for a second chance. Apparently, Ben is confident in his decision and does not change his mind. Considering there are three Laurens cast for Season 20, her elimination probably made it a bit easier to figure out who’s who.

By the end of the first episode, 21 girls will move on to Week 2 when the first dates will begin in Los Angeles. Expect to see Ben get rejected by one of the girls he gives a rose to, just one of many twists ahead on the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

Tune in to watch the Bachelor Season 20 premiere on January 4, 2016 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image via ABC Television Network]