Kenya Moore Says Glen Rice Jr. Threatened To Kill Everyone, Glen Rice Says Tammy McCall Browning Is Not Family

Is Kenya Moore at fault for the violence that happened during the housewives’ vacation in Miami? While some of Kenya’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars believe that she contributed to the drama, Kenya maintains that she in way should be blamed for what happened with Glen Rice Jr. and Tammy McCall Browning’s subsequent injury. Meanwhile, Glen’s father, the retired NBA player Glen Rice, posted a tweet stating that Tammy is actually not family and should have never used his son.

Sunday night’s episode showed Kenya asking security to kick Glen, whom she thought was acting aggressively, out of the Miami vacation home. A very angry Glen moved towards Kenya and called her a “little b***h.” Tammy stood in his path and he forcefully shoved her out of the way, resulting in Tammy falling to the floor and being temporarily knocked out. As the other women took care of Tammy, security held Glen back and led him out. Tammy regained consciousness a bit and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Some of the other housewives placed some blame for what happened on Kenya. They said that Kenya should have just let Tammy deal with her nephew. They took Kenya’s involvement as another example of her instigating drama and provoking people. Porsha Williams, who had been flirting with one of Glen’s friends, thought Kenya was “making it a little more than what it was.”

Sheree said that Kenya should have minded her own business.

“This could all have been avoided if Kenya had minded her own business. That’s Tammy’s nephew. She could have handled it.”

Kim Fields voiced that Kenya shouldn’t have been surprised over what happened.

“Shake a hornet’s nest and then be surprised when a whole bunch of hornets come out at you?”

Phaedra Parks in particular took Kenya to task for labeling Glen as aggressive. On the episode, the day after the drama, Phaedra and Sheree continued to criticize Kenya for acting against Glen. “Everybody knows that Kenya is the queen of messy, but this time, she has really taken it to another level,” Phaedra said, to which Sheree said that they “have to be careful about labeling” black men the way Kenya did. Phaedra even said that Kenya behaved “like any white woman in suburbia that becomes afraid” and that Glen “did not do anything” for being treated the way Kenya treated him.

As the episode aired, Kenya defended her decision to ask Glen to leave. She tweeted that viewers didn’t see Glen threatening to kill everyone.

According to Kenya, Glen even made gang signs with his hands.

She also tweeted the link to a TMZ article from October that covered Glen being shot in the leg after getting into a fight at a restaurant. On Instagram, Kenya wrote that women need to stop making excuses for abusive men.

“This man clearly has a problem. I’m thankful that my instincts were right. I’m thankful @kandiburrusssaw it too.
Women need to stop making excuses for abusive men.”

Not everyone thinks that Kenya Moore is somehow at fault for what Glen Rice Jr. did. Kandi Burruss tweeted that Glen needed to leave and that it doesn’t make sense for the other housewives to make it Kenya’s fault. Prior to the confrontation between Glen and Kenya and Glen shoving Tammy McCall Browning out of the way, Glen snapped at Kandi after feeling that she was rude to him.

Tammy, who joined the housewives’ trip to Miami as Cynthia Bailey’s friend, introduced Glen to the group as her nephew. Glen and three of his friends were invited to hang out at the vacation home one night, to disastrous result. But are Tammy and Glen actually related? A tweet posted from the senior Glen Rice’s official Twitter account as the episode aired states that Tammy is not related to anyone in his family and that she should never have used his son like that. Clearly, the legendary basketball player does not like how his son is being portrayed on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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